Terms & Conditions


We only accept items shipped from the U.S. and its territories or possessions. When selling your items, payment is made based on the value offered by Decluttr at the time of the transaction only and is subject to your items passing our quality checks (during our Quality Assessment process). (Please see the section below titled "Selling Your Stuff – Quality Assessment.")

Decluttr’s valuations for products are the express property of Decluttr and the data for such valuations remains in their entirety vested in Decluttr. You agree, confirm and warrant that by valuing items on Decluttr’s websites (including Decluttr.com) or mobile applications or through other Decluttr Services, you are a member of the general public and NOT a business, organization, cooperative, trader or any other commercial user.

You expressly understand, accept and agree that Decluttr’s valuation or offer prices for products shall not be used by you on any other website(s)/mobile application(s) or on price comparison websites/services. You further agree that you will use Decluttr’s valuation services only to value (e.g., derive offer prices for) items that you actually own, or have the permission of the owner to sell, and are considering selling to Decluttr. No other uses of Decluttr’s valuation services are permitted.

For DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, Games and Books, the prices offered to you by us are valid for six (6) months from the date that such prices are offered to you and you complete a valid transaction with us. You understand, accept and agree that we may revalue your items if we do not process your items at our warehouse within the six-month period during which the offer price is valid. In the event that we do have to revalue your items, you hereby understand and agree to the new offer price(s) issued by Decluttr during the revaluation ("New Offer Price"), as determined by us at our sole discretion, and you accept and acknowledge that we will process your items and our payment to you in accordance with the New Offer Price only. We may attempt to contact you via email in the event that this happens.

For Tech, the price offered to you is valid for twenty-eight (28) days from the date that the price is offered to you. If we do not receive and process your items in this period, we may revalue your items.

If the Tech item you send differs from the description you provided at the time of valuation (either in terms of make, model or condition), we may revalue your item. In this instance, we will email you with a revised offer price. You have a fourteen (14) day grace period to either accept or decline this new offer using the link in the email only. If you choose to accept the new offer, your order will be processed as normal at the new price. If you decline, we’ll return your items free of charge to the same address within the U.S. or its territories or possessions from which you shipped. If you don’t respond, your order will be processed at the new offer price.