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Transaction Times Guide

The following is offered as an estimate only of the time that the transaction may take to complete and the time it may take for you to receive payment. Decluttr is not responsible for any delays under any circumstances.

It may take 7-10 days for your items to reach us using our Free Shipping Service.

We will then check your items against your order and ALL of your items will go through our Quality Assessment Process as quickly as possible.

Once all your items have passed Quality Assessment and your order is completed, payments will be processed as follows:

In most cases, payments are processed on the business day after your items pass Quality Assessment. Direct deposits will be made to the account details you entered when completing your order and your funds should arrive in your account within 3 business days of payment being made. Decluttr takes no responsibility for delays in payment due to a customer entering incorrect bank details.

Checks are dispatched via U.S. Mail and may take up to 10 business days to arrive depending on your location in the US. We will post your check to the address you entered into our website on registration. Decluttr takes no responsibility for delays in receipt of payment due either to the postal service or incorrect/insufficient address details being entered onto the system by you.

PayPal payments will be deposited into your PayPal account as soon as your items have been processed. This should arrive within one business day. Decluttr takes no responsibility for delays in payment due to a customer entering incorrect PayPal account details.

Please note that we will regularly communicate with you by email regarding the progress and status of each order or users may log onto their account and look into the order history for updates.