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It's so easy to sell iPhone 11 with Decluttr

Please select the capacity (GB) of your iPhone 11 below to get an instant valuation!

To sell an iPhone 11, select the capacity of your device above.

Sell Your iPhone 11

It's easy to trade in your iPhone 11 with Decluttr

At Decluttr, one of the USA’s most trusted cell phone recyclers, it’s super easy to sell your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro for CASH. Get an instant price, send in your cell for FREE and we’ll pay you the next day it arrives!

Want to know how much you can sell your iPhone 11 to Decluttr for? What we pay depends on the market conditions at the time of valuation, but we’ll always aim to get you the best price!

You can also sell an iPhone 11 Pro Max or sell an iPhone 11 Pro with us too!

"How do I sell my iPhone?" we hear you ask? Here’s how to sell an iPhone 11 online with Decluttr!

  • Select the storage capacity and condition of your iPhone 11 and get a FREE valuation
  • Place your iPhone 11 into a box and ship it to us for FREE!
  • Get paid the day after they arrive thanks to our Fast Next Day Payments by Direct Deposit or PayPal!

Thanks to our Decluttr Price Promise, we’ll pay the first price we offer or we’ll send your iPhone 11 back for free! Check out our how it works page for more information.

Before you ship your iPhone 11 to Decluttr, you must remove your iCloud and restore the device. Here’s how to clear an iPhone 11 to sell

  • Sign out of iCloud before deleting your content and settings.
  • Erase content and settings
  • Remove your SIM card
  • If you have an Apple Watch, unpair the device from your iPhone 11

Absolutely! You can sell your broken iPhone 11 so long as it’s fully functional.

Simply state the condition of the phone as ‘Faulty’ during your valuation. Check out this page for more information on how to sell broken phones.

We pay more for phones compared to carrier buyback programs. Plus, we do our part to help the environment by recycling your cell phone responsibly. It’s smart for you and smart for the planet!


  • We’re BBB accredited
  • Helped millions of happy customers (and counting) who asked "what's the best way to sell my phone?"
  • We've paid hundreds of millions to our happy customers!
  • We’re a safe, reliable place to recycle your iPhone 11!

Besides, everyone is talking about us! Including Good Morning America, The Today Show and Fox News - you can definitely trust us to recycle your cell phone for cash!

Got another cell to recycle? Check out our cell phone recycling page too!

Get fast cash for your iPhone 11!

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