Free Shipping Service T&Cs

These Terms for FREE Shipping (the "Shipping Terms") provide the terms and conditions pursuant to which Decluttr offers shipping services for transactions completed through the website or Decluttr's mobile application(s). These Shipping Terms are part of the Decluttr Terms and Conditions, located at ("Terms and Conditions") and are hereby incorporated into such Terms and Conditions.

By accessing the Website, using Decluttr Services, becoming a registered user of and/or creating a transaction with Decluttr, you agree to these Shipping Terms, as well as the Terms and Conditions, Decluttr’s Privacy Statement , and any additional terms that govern certain Decluttr Services which will be presented to you or referenced in conjunction with such services.


In these Shipping Terms the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below and other capitalized terms used and not defined in these Shipping Terms shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms and Conditions:

  • "Agent" mean a person who acts on another’s behalf and has the authority to sell, enter into a transaction and use the Free Shipping Service on the other's behalf.
  • "Company" or "Decluttr" means Entertainment Magpie Inc. DBA
  • "Consignee" means the intended recipient of the Shipment which is
  • "Contract" means the contract for shipping of a Parcel or Parcels between the Customer and the Company, which shall be deemed to be incorporated into these Conditions.
  • "Customer" means the person, or legal entity that enters into a contract for shipping of a Parcel or Parcels with the Company. As used in these Shipping Terms where an Agent acts for Customer, the term Customer shall be deemed to mean the Customer and Agent.
  • "FREE Shipping Service" means the shipping services offered by Decluttr pursuant to these Shipping Terms.
  • " FREE Shipping Service" means a service offered by the Company.
  • "Parcels" means items for Shipment weighing no more than 70 pounds and when measured are under the maximum package combined length and girth of 130 inches.
  • "Shipment" means one or more Parcels sent at one time from the same Customer from one address to the Company at an address designated by the Company at the Company's sole discretion and provided to Customer for such Shipment.
  • "Restricted Items" means any items that are NOT CD Albums, DVDs, Blu-Rays and Games, or any items rejected by Company.


The FREE Shipping Service is available only to Customers who sell 10 or more items, to a maximum of 500 items per order. The Company agrees, only in accordance with these Shipping Terms and the Company’s Terms and Conditions, to ship Parcels containing approved items pursuant to the Terms and Conditions and agreed upon by the Company and the Customer as part of a valid online transaction completed at or the Company’s own mobile application(s) exclusively.
The Company is not a carrier and the Customer accepts that the Company will use third party shipping partners to provide and fulfill its FREE Shipping Service.

The Company's FREE Shipping Service is only available to Customers who complete a valid transaction with the Company, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. Each individual valid transaction has a unique "Order Number" which is issued to the Customer upon completion of each individual transaction.

Our FREE Shipping Service is only available to customers in the 50 United States (including Hawaii and Alaska). Furthermore Customer may only use the FREE Shipping Service by tendering Parcels for Shipment to the United Parcel Service ("UPS") in accordance with these Shipping Terms (See Section 6 of these Shipping Terms).