Terms & Conditions

Getting Paid

Decluttr payments are made by direct deposit, PayPal or check made payable to the details you provide to us when you register for Decluttr services.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Payment Details (including but not limited to payee name, address, account details and PayPal ID) are correct and accurate. You may update Payment Details in the My Account section of the Website and it is your responsibility to do so. We may prompt you either via our Website, mobile applications or via electronic mail or post from time to time to ask you to make sure that the Payment Details you have provided are correct and accurate. Such communications or prompts of this type from us to you do not mean that we assume any responsibility whatsoever for the validity of the details that you provide to us and it remains your sole responsibility to ensure that the Payment Details you have provided are correct, complete and accurate. We will not be liable if you fail to receive a payment or suffer any loss (including but not limited to, if a payment is sent to an incorrect account or recipient) as a result of any failure by you to correctly, completely and accurately provide Payment Details. You understand, agree and accept that your receipt of payment from Decluttr may depend on third parties (who we cannot and do not control) to process and/or ship these payments and we will not be liable for delay in receipt of payment as a result of the actions or inactions of such third parties. Payments may be subject to validation and security checks that we or third parties may require at our/their discretion from time to time.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the registered name and address in your Decluttr Account is entered correctly and accurately. If your bank refuses to clear a check or a direct deposit fails due to an error in the details you have provided to us, Decluttr reserves the right to charge you an administrative fee in the form of a deduction from our payment to you, or a request for payment from you, for the reissue of payments. It is at the sole discretion of Decluttr how reissue payments are made. Such administrative fee(s) may be applied by Decluttr each time you provide incorrect details for a reissue payment, and Decluttr may, in its sole discretion, apply such charges in the form of a deduction or a payment from you.

If you choose to donate the proceeds of your sale to charity, upon completing your sale by clicking the "Confirm Your Order" button and being presented with the confirmation page, you will not be able to change the payment method you have selected. The funds will be paid to the charity selected in accordance with our agreement with that individual charity.

Promotional Codes

The business will from time to time issue voucher codes as an incentive to trade or buy. These voucher codes are intended to be valid for one use per customer and in cases where the business believes the usage of the code is being abused over and above a normal level of trade, it reserves the right to honour only the first usage of the code and also recover back any usage subsequent to the first time from any current outstanding or future orders.