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Sell Your Wearables

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Trade In Your Wearables

Trading your Wearables with Decluttr is super easy!

Decluttr is the fast, easy and totally FREE way to sell your Wearables. You can even sell Apple Watch devices too!

How to sell Wearables

  1. Enter the make, model and condition to get a FREE instant price, which we'll lock in for 28 days.
  2. Remove any accounts and personal data.
  3. Pack your item into a box and ship it for FREE.
  4. We'll pay by direct deposit or PayPal when your items are processed (this is usually the day after they arrive).

Wearables and Smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People wear them to track their physical activity, keep on top of their messages and notifications, or just to look cool!

However, like phones, there are new Wearables coming out all the time with all kinds of exciting new features. No-one wants to be left behind, which is why so many people are choosing to sell Wearables and upgrade. Sell tech, cell phones and more for cash towards an upgrade!

You can now sell Smartwatches and Wearables with Decluttr, including the hugely popular Apple Watch. It’s much easier than selling a Smartwatch on an auction site, with no fees or auctions to worry about.

To sell your Smartwatch, simply enter its make, model and condition into our valuation engine for an instant price. Then, pack it into a box with anything else you’re selling and ship it for FREE. We’ll then check it over, securely remove any personal data and you’ll get paid when your items are fully processed (this usually happens the day after your items arrive).

The Decluttr Tech Price Promise

We guarantee to pay the first price we offer for your Smartwatch. If we change your offer in any way, you can request your device back for FREE – no questions asked!

Decluttr is the fast and easy way to sell your Smartwatch!

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