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It's so easy to sell your PSP with Decluttr

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Sell Your PSP & Games

It's incredibly easy to sell PSP consoles with Decluttr!

Decluttr is the fast and FREE way to sell your PSP for cash! We’ll give you an instant price and pay you by PayPal or direct deposit the day after it arrives at our warehouse.

After conquering the home console market with the PlayStation, the PSP was Sony’s first attempt to conquer the handheld market too. Offering console-level graphics on a portable system, the PSP sold incredibly well at first.

Like all handheld consoles, though, the PSP and the PS Vita’s popularity has been hit by the rise of mobile gaming. More people are using their phones for on-the-go gaming, leaving handhelds behind.

If you’re not using your PSP or PS Vita as much as you used to, make easy cash by selling your PSP with Decluttr.

How to sell a PSP

Selling a PSP with Decluttr is fast, easy and FREE. Start by getting an instant price using our valuation engine, which we'll lock in for 28 days. You can sell any Games, CDs, DVDs and Tech you don’t want any more at the same time too!

When you’ve completed your order, pack your PSP and everything else you’re selling into any box. Make sure the box is secure and sealed!

Then, ship your items to us for FREE. We’ll check your PSP when it arrives then pay for it by direct deposit or PayPal the next day!

The Decluttr Price Promise

We know you want the best deal when you trade in your PSP console, which is why we guarantee to pay the full amount we offer or return it to you for FREE.

Get fast and easy cash for your PSP with Decluttr!

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