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Cell Phone Recycling 

Millions of Americans own cell phones, with almost 80% of American adults owning a smartphone. What about the other devices we once loved but have since upgraded – what should we do with the cell phones and other tech we no longer use?  

One option is phone recycling. With Decluttr, you can recycle old cell phones and make some money in the process. Search for your cell phone in our valuation engine, get an instant price – or you can read on to learn some more about cell phone recycling.

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Cell Phone Recycling Comparison

Decluttr won’t always appear on comparison sites for recycling cell phones. We often offer the best prices for cell phones but we believe it isn’t all about the price! 

As well as paying the most for tech, we offer an amazing service that our customers love. It’s why we’ve featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and NBC News, as well as being a BBB Accredited Business and having a 4.5 star rating on Trustpilot.

If you’d like to know how much your cell phone is worth, get an instant price from Decluttr. 

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We Pay The Most

How many people own a cell phone?


It’s estimated that 95% of American adults own a cell phone, and 77% own a smartphone


The average person upgrades their cell phone every 32 months
, however prepaid smartphones tend to be upgraded within 24 months. The more we upgrade, the more unused cell phones we have lying around.


In 2011, just 35% of adults owned a smartphone – this figure has grown by 42% and is set to keep growing as technology advances.


Did you know?

Many people own more than one device. One third of Americans live in a household that has three or more smartphones, and the average family owns 24 discrete consumer electronic products.

So, why don’t people recycle old cell phones?


Research shows that the United States accounts for around 14% of the world’s total e-Waste but recycles less than a quarter of it. It amounts to 44 lbs of e-Waste per person in the States.

33 Bil

Our studies have shown that Americans own $33 billion worth of unused tech! Imagine just how much money could be made if these devices were sold.

Group 2

Our research also showed that the average household has $264 of unused tech lurking in their homes, and 58% of Americans keep up to three unused cell phones.

Did you know?


Americans throw away more than 9 million tons of electronics every year, more than any other country in the world.

Stressed Graph

Why should your cell phone?

Smartphone recycling is good to clear out the unwanted clutter in your home. The average American home has 300,000 items within it and some reports show we consume twice as many material items now as we did 50 years ago. All of these items in our homes means that one in four Americans now have a clutter problem.

Reducing the amount of clutter in your home has a positive effect on stress levels and mental health.

When it comes to old tech items, they could be making you money rather than taking up space in a drawer! The longer you wait to sell or recycle phones, the less you’ll make for them. 

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When you recycle old cell phones, you help to reduce the amount of e-Waste that ends up in landfill sites and in developing countries. Burning and dismantling this waste is one of the key factors for atmospheric pollution, whereas contaminating soil or water supplies can destroy local ecosystems.

Cell phone recycling is good for the economy too!
In 2011, e-Waste recycling in the United States added more than $20 billion to the economy, creating around 45,000 jobs.


When one million cell phones are recycled, over 20,000 lbs of copper, 20 lbs of palladium, 550 lbs of silver and 50 lbs of gold can be recovered. Recycling one million laptops can save enough energy to run more than 3,500 American homes for an entire year.


Cell Phone Recycling 

Now you know where to recycle cell phones and how to recycle cell phones, don’t just throw your old gadgets away! Clear out the clutter in your home, help the environment and make some money in the process.

Recycle your phones with Decluttr today and make some quick cash.

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