Terms & Conditions

Selling Your Stuff - General Conditions

When selling your items to us, you do so under these Terms & Conditions only. The information that you provide to us about your items may affect the price offered for these items. Please ensure that you accurately provide information relating to the items that you want to sell. For example, for a DVD, CD or Game, when you enter the barcode number into our system to get a valuation or Offer Price, if you do not enter the correct barcode number you will receive a different Offer Price because it will be for a different item and not the one you want to sell.

For items that fail the Quality Assessment Process (see section below titled "Selling Your Stuff – Quality Assessment") or that have not been included in your relevant online transaction (e.g., they have not been valued using Decluttr’s online valuation engine and made a part of the sale you have submitted and agreed to), SUCH ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND WILL BE DISPOSED OF BY DECLUTTR.

Upon inspection of your items, if we find any item(s) that we believe to be counterfeit, fake, imitation, an illegal copy or a non-original product we will dispose of them in our sole discretion. Any such determination by Decluttr is final and Decluttr will not respond to further inquiries regarding the authenticity of such items including but not limited to whether such items are counterfeit, fake, or otherwise imitation items. All such counterfeit, fake, imitation items or illegal copies will not be paid for or returned by Decluttr and we may report such incidents to the relevant authorities. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you expressly warrant that the products you sell to us are wholly original and genuine and not counterfeit, imitation or fake, and that your sale of such items to us does not violate any laws.

For items that you send to us, but have not been valued previously by us, or where the valuation process has occurred but we have not actually offered an Offer Price; and/or they do not appear in a valid Decluttr order/transaction item list, you understand, accept and agree that we will not pay you for these items and are unable to return them, but will dispose of them responsibly.

You accept and agree that when creating a single order with Decluttr, you cannot sell multiples of the same product(s) and that you will not attempt to create multiple orders in order to sell multiples of the same product(s) to us without our express permission. The order minimum and maximum item limits and/or requirements are posted on our Website(s) or mobile application(s) and form part of these Terms & Conditions.