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Put your LEGO® in a bag, weigh it and select the nearest weight below!

Please note: We only buy authentic LEGO® in good condition. For more information click here

Sell Your LEGO®

Sell Your LEGO®

If you have boxes or even closets full of LEGO® bricks you don’t use anymore, we’re here to help with a fast, easy and FREE way to sell used LEGOs®!

As we buy LEGO® by weight, you can sell used LEGOs by brick, not just sets!

Sell Your LEGO®

Sell Your LEGO®

Selling with us couldn’t be easier – here’s how it works.

1. Pack your LEGO® bricks into a plastic bag & seal or tie it!

2. Weigh the bag and round it to the nearest 1lb.

3. Select the total weight of your LEGO® bricks and get an instant price.

4. Send your LEGO® for FREE & get Fast Payments.

With LEGO® recycling from Decluttr, you don’t have to worry about missing blocks, selling an entire set or finding a buyer.
Just pack your LEGO® into a bag, weigh it and sell it for fast CASH!

To avoid any damage to your items or bricks getting lost in transit, please put your bag of LEGO® into a box before sending it.

*Our Quality Assessment team will inspect your LEGO®, remove any inauthentic or damaged blocks and reweigh your bricks again afterwards. If your order contains a large number of damaged bricks, the value of your order may change – so please don’t include them!

Got any LEGO bricks you no longer use? Don’t throw them away - Decluttr is here to help with a fast, easy, and FREE way to sell your used LEGOs today!

Here at Decluttr, we accept old LEGO bricks by the pound! Put your LEGO into a bag, weigh it, and then select the nearest weight in our valuation box. You can sell up to 20 lbs of your old LEGO!

It’s super easy to sell LEGOs, follow these easy steps:

  1. Pack your LEGO bricks in a secure bag and weigh it to the nearest 1lb.
  2. Select the total weight of your LEGO bricks and get an instant price!
  3. Ship your LEGO for FREE! To make sure your items don’t get damaged, please put your bag of LEGO into a box when shipping it to us.
  4. Thanks to our Fast Payments, you’ll get paid when we've processed your LEGO (in most cases, the day after your LEGO arrives) via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

For more information about how to sell your old LEGO, check out our how it works page.

The answer is YES! Here at Decluttr, we find a new home for your unused LEGO so it doesn’t go to landfill. LEGO bricks are bio-plastic so they can be recycled and used over and over again - it’s smart for you, smart for the planet!

Don't forget...

Don't forget...

Don't forget...

You can sell CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Books and Tech at the same time as your LEGO®, and you can send them all in the same box too!

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