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Trade In iPad Air

Don’t let your iPad Air sit around losing value! Make an iPad Air trade in today with Decluttr to make extra cash. 

Get a FREE valuation today without any extra fees or hassle! Plus, we’ll lock in the best price of your iPad Air for 28 days, giving you enough time to decide on an upgrade.

If you are upgrading, make it cheaper by putting the extra cash from your iPad trade in towards it. 

What are you waiting for? Sell your used iPad with Decluttr!

Looking for the best iPad Air trade in? Decluttr is the best place to sell Apple products and we have an amazing Apple iPad Air trade in program. 

You’ll get an instant price for your iPad Air and we’ll pay as soon as your items are processed (usually the day after they arrive).

Plus, selling your iPad with us is a sustainable way to help the environment and reduce e-waste…it’s smart for you, smart for the planet! 

Finally, our Tech Price Promise means we’ll pay the first price we offer for your iPad Air or we’ll return it to you for FREE!

It’s really easy to find your iPad Air trade in value! Just follow these steps:

  1. Select your iPad, storage, and condition - our three conditions are ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, and ‘Poor’ 
  2. Put your iPad Air into a secure box and ship it to us for FREE!
  3. We'll pay by direct deposit or PayPal when your items are processed (this is usually the day after they arrive).

For more information about making an iPad Air trade in, check out our how it works page.

The value of your iPad can be affected by a few factors, including condition. Our three conditions are ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’ and ‘Poor'.

To get the best price, make sure your device is in the best condition possible, as the better the condition the more we’ll pay.

All you need to do is tell us the model, condition, and storage of your iPad Air to get an instant price. 

You can also sell other iPad models with us, including sell old iPad Mini, make an iPad Mini 2 trade in, sell iPad Mini 3 or sell iPad Pro.

You can sell broken iPad Air with Decluttr! However, we’ll only accept it if it's cosmetically damaged or water damaged. You’ll also need to make sure to categorize it as poor. 

If you’re selling a broken device, take into consideration the value will be lower than trading in an iPad Air in excellent condition or good condition. 

Finally, we cannot buy your iPad Air if it’s missing components, bent, crushed, or snapped in half.

Selling your iPad Air with Decluttr is quick and easy.

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