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Recommended: Download our FREE APP here & use our super fast barcode scanner to value your items.
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Sending your items to us is FREE using our FREE Shipping Service

Decluttr offers customers a number of ways to send your items to us for FREE using:

Our FREE Shipping Service, subject to these Terms & Conditions, which is available to customers who sell over $5 to a maximum of 500 items per order. For FREE Shipping Service Terms & Conditions, please click here.

You understand, accept and agree to ONLY use Decluttr’s FREE Shipping Service for items that you are selling to Decluttr. Any other use of these services is forbidden and should you use or attempt to use our FREE Shipping Service for items other than those which you are selling to Decluttr you may be charged for use of this service based on the costs (administrative and/or actual shipping costs) as determined in Decluttr’s sole discretion. Please note that you can use the Shipping Service only for items to shipped from within the U.S. or its territories or possessions.

To ensure payment is made quickly, users are advised to send their items in as few parcels as possible. All parcels must be secured properly and appropriate packaging should be used. Each parcel should include only the items valued by Decluttr for a designated order, or the shipping costs may not be adequately covered.

You must ensure when sending your items to us that you attach the correct label(s) to each package. The label required for each package is provided to you both in your Welcome Pack and on our Website. You need a unique label for each parcel that you send to us and these can be downloaded from our Website in the My Account section. You must follow the packaging instructions you are provided in your packaging guide. You must affix a valid label to each and every package/parcel that you wish to send to us using our FREE Shipping Service.

Please note that when selling your items to Decluttr and using our FREE Shipping Service, the maximum insured value in US Dollars per parcel is $100 and that no other insurance for items is provided or accepted.

For clarity, you accept and agree that Decluttr may, at any time and its sole discretion, alter Free Shipping Service Terms & Conditions and shipping options it offers to you for the items you wish to sell although such changes shall not apply to shipments that are already in progress as at the time of a change in the Shipping Service Terms and Conditions.