Terms & Conditions

Rejected Shipments

Decluttr will automatically reject transactions which contain multiple items of the same DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, Books and/or Game title and Tech and may reject repeat transactions that contain the same DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, Books and/or Game titles and Tech that have been traded previously by a user. YOU AGREE THAT THESE DVD, CD, BLU-RAY, BOOKS AND/OR GAME TITLES AND TECH WILL NOT BE PAID FOR OR RETURNED BY DECLUTTR AND WILL BE RECYCLED OR DISPOSED OF BY DECLUTTR.

You understand, accept and agree that Decluttr will ONLY honor valuations that it generates and provides. No other valuations by another method or source (e.g., including but not limited to, any other person, organization, entity, system or website) will be accepted or honored by Decluttr. Decluttr’s valuation of an item is its "Offer Price" and such "Offer Prices" are final (for the duration stated herein), in Decluttr’s sole discretion.