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It's so easy to sell iPads with Decluttr

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Trade In iPad

It's super easy to sell your iPad with Decluttr!

It’s really easy to trade in Apple Products, just follow these easy steps to sell you iPad:

  1. Select the model, storage and condition of your iPad and get a FREE valuation
  2. Place your iPad into a box and ship it to us for FREE!
  3. We’ll pay as soon as your items are processed (usually the day after they arrive).

Want to find out more? Check out our how it works page for more information.

Before selling your iPad, it’s important you erase all of your data for your own protection and security. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Unpair your iPad from other Apple devices such as your Apple Watch or iPhone.
  2. Back up your device via iCloud or your computer.
  3. Sign out of iCloud, App Store and iTunes.
  4. Go to:
    • Settings
    • General
    • Reset
    • Erase all Content and Settings
  5. Turn off and unregister iMessage if you’re moving to an Android tablet.
  6. Remove your iPad from your list of trusted devices.

For more information removing your iCloud account, head to our iCloud page.

How much do used iPads sell for exactly? At Decluttr, we’ll do our best to get you the best price possible for your iPad. However prices can vary depending on the market conditions of that time. Plus, when a new iPad is released, naturally, the value can drop.

We highly recommend locking in the best price whilst you can! Recycle iPads today to secure the current price for 28 days.

Absolutely! When you complete an iPad trade in, you can upgrade to a newer model the sustainable way by shopping our refurbished iPads!

We sell a range of iPad models and Tablets to suit a variety of tastes. The right iPad or tablet totally depends on what you’re after. For now, why not check out our range of refurbished tablets and compare their features?

There's a huge range of iPad models you can trade in with Decluttr including:

Selling your iPad with Decluttr is fast, free and easy!

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