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Sell Xbox One

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MICROSOFT  Xbox One with Kinect

MICROSOFT Xbox One with Kinect

MICROSOFT  Xbox One S All-Digital

MICROSOFT Xbox One S All-Digital





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Trade in Xbox One

If you want to buy a PS4 instead, or just don’t get to play your Xbox One as often as you’d like, then Decluttr is the easiest (and most sustainable) way to trade in your Xbox One for cash!

The price of your Xbox One totally depends on the market conditions at the time of trading. But don’t worry - we’ll lock in the price of your Xbox One for 28 days - which gives you tons of time to ship your items to us and get paid for your items!

Don’t forget - you can also sell Xbox games , sell Xbox controllers and trade other items at the same time too!

  1. Tell us your Xbox One’s condition and storage to get an instant price 
  2. Place your Xbox One (and anything else you’re selling) into a box
  3. Ship your items for FREE
  4. Get paid the day after your items arrive thanks to our Fast Next Day Payments!

When you trade in an Xbox One with Decluttr, you actively help reduce e-waste and promote a circular economy. We’ll refurbish your old Xbox One consoles for someone else to enjoy - and if we can’t refurbish it, we’ll recycle your Xbox responsibly.

Here’s a few more reasons to sell your Xbox One with us:

  • We’re BBB accredited
  • We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot
  • We’ll offer our Price Promise - get the first price you’re offered for your Xbox One, or get it back for FREE!

It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!

It's super easy to trade in Xbox One for Xbox X. Get an instant price for your Xbox One, ship it to us for FREE, and then use your cash to buy an Xbox X from the Decluttr Store. 

Sell your Xbox One with Decluttr today!

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