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It's easy to sell your iPhone 8 with Decluttr

Based on Apple’s previous release schedule, 2017 is an ‘S’ year. However, this year is slightly different; a leak has confirmed that Apple is planning to skip a generation and launch the iPhone 8 instead.

The iPhone 8 won’t be a total overhaul (although the iPhone X will) but it should boast enough extra features to make it worth the upgrade.

The most exciting potential addition is a new OLED screen providing the iPhone’s sharpest screen resolution to date. The screen may also include True Tone technology, which adjusts colours based on ambient lighting.

The iPhone 7’s metal build is likely to be replaced with glass, which suggests that Apple are planning to introduce wireless charging. That would be a hugely popular move with Apple users, so fingers crossed it really happens.

Interestingly, Apple may introduce a 5 inch 8 to either sit alongside or replace the current 4.7 inch standard design. The 8 will probably include an A11 chip and facial recognition technology too.

The iPhone 8 should cost around the same price as the iPhone 7, making it a lot cheaper than the rumored iPhone X. If you’re planning to upgrade, sell your current iPhone with Decluttr – we pay the most, the fastest! Just get an instant value, ship your phone for FREE and we’ll pay you the day after it arrives!

Don’t worry if you change your mind after upgrading either, because you’ll be able to sell iPhone 8 devices with us soon too!

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What Model and Generation do I have?

You can find all the details you need on the original packaging. Alternatively, measure the screen: the 8 has a 4.8 inch screen, while the 8 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen. 

What Size is my iPhone?
Tap Settings > General > About > Capacity to find out how much storage your device has. It should be just short of either 64 or 256GB

You can also refer to the original packaging or connect your device to iTunes.