Which apps on your cell phone use the most data?

Do you struggle to keep within your data plan? Many of us do as we use the internet for just about everything these days. But, some apps eat away at your data quicker than others. Everyone is different and everyone has their favorite app, but generally speaking – the following …

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Who are the richest artists in hip hop?

The best rappers out there happily gloat about the amount they earn, are often seen holding stacks of money up to their ears and splash their hard-earned cash on chains, clothes and cars. Chris Brown once said that he gets what you make in ten years in just two days …

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Is your phone hurting your dating life?

Do you think your phone has any impact on your dating life? Well, it does. A recent survey by Decluttr, a free and easy service to sell your old tech, has found that the make and model of your phone plays a part in what your date thinks of you. …

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Can you guess this song title from these emojis?

Happy World Emoji Day! To celebrate, we’re going to test your emoji-related knowledge in song form! Can you guess all of these song titles? Let’s start off with an easy one… What is this famous track? This song should be easy – if you know your flags! We were grooving …

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iPhone 6s

What are the best-selling cell phones of all time?

Each year we eagerly wait for the announcements of the next flagship cell phone; Samsung announced theirs in March, Apple tend to share their new phones in September. What are the best-selling cell phones of all time? They might just surprise you… 10: Nokia 6010 Units sold: 75 million Nokia’s …

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5 biographies to read this summer

Summer is the perfect time to dig into your desire to read! Those longer nights should be filled with great stories. At Decluttr, we’ve found five great biographies that need to be added to your reading list. Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom Long Walk to Freedom offers a …

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What is Drake’s best album?

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by the moniker Drake, has changed rap in less than a decade. He’s become a global star in his own right, breaking countless records as he continues to rise. With latest offering Scorpion released at the end of June, breaking streaming records, we looked at …

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What should you watch next?

There isn’t much worse than finishing an awesome TV show without having a new one to begin! So, at Decluttr, we looked at some of the best shows in recent years to bring you a guide to what you should watch next. If you loved The Office… The US adaptation …

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