What we were listening to 5 years ago

The standard of music released in 2013 is staggering. It’s kind of scary to think that five years have passed since some of the most important, culture-shaping albums were unleashed to the world! Take a trip down memory lane and relive the albums we were bumping five years ago.  …

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6 of the best photography apps

With smartphone cameras getting better and better, we take more pride in our photography skills than ever before. There’s an amateur photographer in all of us and sometimes we need the tools to bring our creations to life! We’ve delved into the best apps you can download to enhance your …

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Best movie sequels

Taking a successful movie and expanding it into a second or even third is a big call to make. What if it doesn’t live up to the reputation of the original? Often, they don’t and it tarnishes a great movie legacy. These films, however, absolutely nailed the sequel! Will newly-released …

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9 Essential Taylor Swift Tracks

We are all pretty certain Taylor Swift can be called one of the biggest artists of the last decade. While her personal life is constantly in the media, she’s made some awesome songs to express how she feels about it all. Swift has come a long way since she burst …

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Tech references in music

Like a tuneful version of product placement, we’re sure you’ve heard a bunch of different things mentioned in songs. It might be a fancy car, a type of drink; but what we’ve noticed is that more and more artists like to name-drop their favorite electrical item. We’ve listened to some …

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Star Wars

Who is the most popular Star Wars character in your state?

Star Wars is one of America’s most popular movie franchises, generating millions of dollars in box office and merchandise sales every year. Part of the reason for its huge success is the iconic characters at the centre of it all, from heroic figures like Han Solo and Yoda to unforgettable …

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The worst TV show endings

Saying goodbye to your favorite TV show is an emotional experience – you have to prepare mentally for the end of your beloved characters. Some do it justice but plenty have missed the mark. Take a look at some of the worst show finales! Seinfeld When it comes to comedy …

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The Cultural Importance of Jersey Shore

After more than five years off air, we’re finally being given the best possible gift – the return of the finest reality TV show, Jersey Shore. Whilst many were disgusted and outraged by the behaviour of Pauly D, Snooki, JWoww, Vinny, The Situation, Angelina, Ronnie and Sammi in 2009, the …

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