‘10% Extra for Tech- August 2020’ Terms and conditions

Offer available from Friday 8th August 2020 until Monday 31st August 2020 at 11.59pt This offer is applicable to all Tech products. Offer excludes CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Games and Books. The maximum additional value redeemable for Cell Phones through this offer is $30. Any Cell Phones valued over $300 will have the …

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10 of the Rarest DVDs & Blu-rays of All Time

With streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Prime dominating our screens, people see DVDs and Blu-rays as obsolete. It’s far easier to search through  one of these sites and watch your favorite shows without plugging in a DVD player and inserting a disc. Just click and play! But did you …

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The top secretly educational games for your kids

Worried video games will fry your kid’s brain? Don’t! Many video games have been proven to help with valuable skills including decision making, maths, tactical thinking and so much more. Utilizing video games in your homeschooling during lockdown can switch up traditional workbook exercises – and make a child’s learning …

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Everything you need to know about the iPhone SE

Apple announced a new release of the iPhone SE (or iPhone 9 as some people like to call it!). It’s their latest mid-range phone that’s super affordable. Better yet – it’s just as powerful as the iPhone 11 Pro! While it’s pretty similar to the iPhone 8 in terms of …

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6 Easy Ways to Switch from Apple to Android

There are many reasons you may want to make the Apple to Android transfer. Variety and flexibility are just some of many reasons. Fortunately, changing from Apple to Android is incredibly easy. Ready to make the switch from Apple to Android? Make the switch seamless. Here’s everything you need to …

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10 of the Best Video Game Remakes of All Time

From remasters to exploited side plots, game remakes can be a serious hit or miss. Developers work incredibly hard to recreate classics and make them more accessible on other consoles or easier to control. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite video game remakes of all time. Got one to …

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