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The super easy way to get CASH for your CDs, DVDs, Games, Books & Tech. Just scan your stuff and ship it for FREE! When it arrives, you’ll get paid the next day!

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Why download the Decluttr App?

Super-Handy Barcode Scanner!

Transform your smartphone into a barcode scanner and get an instant value for your CDs, DVD, Games, Blu-Rays & Books! You can sell Tech at the same time too. 


It’s So Easy To Use!

We’ve cut the clutter and made our app easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use. You’ll be selling in no time.

For more info on app features, check out our page on the App Store or Google Play.

Using the FREE Decluttr App!

Because it’s so easy to use, many of our customers prefer to sell using our app. After you’ve scanned and shipped your items, we’ll pay on the business day after your items arrive. Here’s how it works...

Get an instant price

Scan your stuff using the barcode scanner (or enter them manually, if you prefer) for an instant value! You don’t even need to sign in to start scanning!

Save your order for later

Save your order and complete it on any device at a later date! You can also resume saved orders from previous sessions; just sign in and start adding items.

Choose your FREE send option

Completing your order on the app is just as easy as it is on our website!


Instant Confirmation

You’re done! You can also review your order, browse our FAQs or contact our customer support team.