9 of the best rock biopics

One of the biggest trends in movies at the minute is biopics of beloved musicians. Bohemian Rhapsody was well received, and Rocketman is set to see similar accolades. We look at 9 of the best rock biopics to sink your teeth into! Greetings from Tim Buckley Rotten Tomatoes score: 72% …

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6 of the best surprise albums

Every once in a while, an artist will drop an album without any kind of promotion, completely taking fans by surprise. Most recently, Eminem announced his latest album Kamikaze on Twitter, taking swipes at various artists and inciting a battle with Machine Gun Kelly. Which surprise album drops have been …

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Which female rappers have released number one albums?

The rise of the female rapper has been clear for decades. Female rappers may have broken through and had their voices heard, but that doesn’t mean many have been able to top the album charts in America. In fact, only five have been able to achieve this. But, which rappers …

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The best-selling female artists of all time

Here come the girls! Female solo artists have made their mark on the music industry and have become some of the most successful to date. From Madonna to Lady Gaga, these women have shaken the world and sold millions of albums. But who has sold the most, we hear you …

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Headphones stock image

Which artist has sold the most albums?

Getting a bunch of streams on a song is a pretty easy thing to achieve. Selling millions of physical copies of an album? Now that takes work. But which American artists have sold the most? We’ve crunched the numbers for you! 10 Madonna 64.5 million units sold She isn’t called …

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Dollar bills

Who are the richest artists in hip hop?

The best rappers out there happily gloat about the amount they earn, are often seen holding stacks of money up to their ears and splash their hard-earned cash on chains, clothes and cars. Chris Brown once said that he gets what you make in ten years in just two days …

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What a Time to Be Alive - Drake and Future

What is Drake’s best album?

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by the moniker Drake, has changed rap in less than a decade. He’s become a global star in his own right, breaking countless records as he continues to rise. With latest offering Scorpion released at the end of June, breaking streaming records, we looked at …

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