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Sell My iPod Nano With Decluttr

Find out the price of an iPod Nano by selecting your device below.

APPLE IPOD Nano 7th Gen

APPLE IPOD Nano 7th Gen

APPLE IPOD Nano 6th Gen

APPLE IPOD Nano 6th Gen

Sell an iPod Nano with Decluttr

Want to sell your iPod Nano? Sell it fast and easy with Decluttr!

An iPod Nano trade in is super easy! Simply get an instant price for your device and ship it to us for FREE!

The 1st generation iPod Nano was introduced in 2005 and there are seven generations of the device altogether. Created to be a smaller design, it is 40 millimetres wide, 90 millimetres long and weighs 42 grams. It has the ability to store 1000 songs and has an increased battery life of 10 hours. However, in 2017 the iPod Nano was discontinued, so why not make some cash from your old device?

How do I sell my iPod Nano?

Selling iPod Nano has never been easier!

  1. Choose your iPod Nano from our menu and select its storage and condition
  2. Put your device into (and anything else) into a box
  3. Send your iPod Nano to us for free!
  4. You’ll get paid the day after we receive your items

We’ll lock in the price for 28 days and ship your items for free! We’ll remove any personal data when we carry out our checks too. You’ll be paid for your device through your chosen payment method such as PayPal or Direct Deposit.

The Decluttr Tech Price Promise

We want you to get the best deal for your iPod Nano. We promise to pay the first price we offer or we’ll return your device for FREE!

Selling your iPod Nano with Decluttr is quick and easy!

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