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It's super easy to sell Nintendo DS consoles & Games

Wondering “where can I sell my Nintendo DS?” but don’t want to waste time with auctions or lose money paying fees? Then try Decluttr: we’ll give you quick cash when you trade in your Nintendo DS console, and it’s super easy too!

The Nintendo DS is the 2nd best selling console of all time, with variants like the Nintendo DSi, DS Lite and DS XL appealing to a huge market. It took all that was good about the Game Boy and added 3D graphics and an extra screen, adding an extra dimension to handheld gaming.

A lot has happened since 2004, though. The DS has been replaced by the 3DS, while handheld consoles in general are losing out to mobile gaming. As a result, a lot of people want to sell Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and XL consoles!

How to sell a Nintendo DS

Selling Nintendo DS with Decluttr is super easy. To start, get an instant offer price using our valuation engine, which we'll lock in for 28 days. You can sell Games, DVDs, CDs and other Tech at the same time too!

When you’ve completed your order, pack everything you’re selling into a box. You can use pretty much any box you want, so long as it protects your items during shipping.

Next, ship your items to us for FREE. When they arrive with us, we’ll check your DS and then pay by direct deposit, PayPal or check the next day!

The Decluttr Price Promise

We want you to get the best possible deal when selling your Nintendo DS. That’s why we promise to pay the full amount we offer or return your DS for FREE.

Decluttr – the fast, FREE and easy way to get cash for your Nintendo DS. 

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What Model Nintendo DS / 3DS do I have?

You can find all the info you need to sell your Nintendo DS on the original packaging. 
If you're still unsure which model DS you're selling, you can usually tell by the size of the device.
To determine whether you have a DS or 3DS, check the bottom right hand corner of the console. If it has a select button under a start button, you're selling a DS.