9 best FPS games of all time!

Did you know the first-person shooter game was released in 1973? One of the earliest FPS games was ‘Maze War’, which was created by high school students during a NASA work-study program. Check out the most awesome first-person shooter games of all time. See if any of your favorites have …

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The top secretly educational games for your kids

Worried video games will fry your kid’s brain? Don’t! Many video games have been proven to help with valuable skills including decision making, maths, tactical thinking and so much more. Utilizing video games in your homeschooling during lockdown can switch up traditional workbook exercises – and make a child’s learning …

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10 of the Best Video Game Remakes of All Time

From remasters to exploited side plots, game remakes can be a serious hit or miss. Developers work incredibly hard to recreate classics and make them more accessible on other consoles or easier to control. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite video game remakes of all time. Got one to …

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Retro Games Consoles of the World

Nostalgia doesn’t just exist in films, music and tv series. That very first game you played on a games console as a child can equally spur the excitement you felt completing that hard level on an 8-bit game. Retro games and game consoles are making a SERIOUS comeback – so …

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The Beyhive to the Potterheads: What does fandom mean?

It could be your favorite book, most loved singer or even the YouTuber you subscribe to. Whatever form of media and entertainment you’re most passionate about, there’s probably a network full of fellow enthusiasts in a fandom. Depending on what you’re most interested in, this tight-knit community of fans will …

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The Best Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time

Nothing tests your patience quite like a new games console coming out. We’ve waiting years at a time to get our hands on the latest technology! There are certain consoles we’ve bought in our masses, so which are the best-selling games consoles of all time? Wii 101.63 million units sold …

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Xbox One

5 game releases we’re excited about!

Whether you’re a casual or a die-hard gamer, there is a whole heap of amazing content coming your way before the close of 2018. It was a hard list to whittle down but we looked at some of the biggest games to be released within the next six months so …

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