Top 10 Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

Every artist dreams about landing the Super Bowl halftime show. In just 15 minutes, you’ll either be remembered as one of the greatest Super Bowl performances, or one of the worst. Just in time for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring Rihanna, we’ll be reminiscing our favorite Super Bowl …

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10 of the Rarest DVDs & Blu-rays of All Time

With streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Prime dominating our screens, people see DVDs and Blu-rays as obsolete. It’s far easier to search through  one of these sites and watch your favorite shows without plugging in a DVD player and inserting a disc. Just click and play! But did you …

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The top secretly educational games for your kids

Worried video games will fry your kid’s brain? Don’t! Many video games have been proven to help with valuable skills including decision making, maths, tactical thinking and so much more. Utilizing video games in your homeschooling during lockdown can switch up traditional workbook exercises – and make a child’s learning …

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Friends state map

Which Friends character does your state love the most?

Friends is arguably the best TV show ever. While it lacks the prestige of Mad Men or the high stakes of Breaking Bad, it’s loved by everyone from 40-somethings who watched the show’s initial run to teenagers who weren’t even born when the show ended in 2004. Part of this …

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The best and worst deaths on Game of Thrones

The epic Game of Thrones series has come to a bloody end. Over the course of eight seasons we have seen brutal battles, devastating deaths and shocking tactics to gain power. Houses have been wiped out but we have to admit, we take joy in some of the on-screen deaths …

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Everything you need to know about Queer Eye

The Netflix show Queer Eye has become one of the best-loved shows on the streaming platform, since its debut in 2018. To date, it has produced three emotional and awe-inspiring seasons. But, did you know it’s actually a reboot? We dig into all things Queer Eye, to give you all …

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Netflix on TV

8 of the best spin-offs EVER!

A good spin-off takes the best parts of a successful TV show and makes it its own. As you can imagine, many spin-offs have fallen way short of the mark. But, every once in a while, the TV execs get it just right! We look at some of the best …

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