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What are the worst video games ever?

Video games have been around for over 40 years now, and we’ve had some real classics in that time. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of duds too. Here are some of the worst video games of all time! Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing via GIPHY Boy, where do we …

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Game Boy and games

9 Nintendo games that changed gaming as know it

After a few years in the gaming wilderness, Nintendo are back on top with the Nintendo Switch. The Switch, a genius combination of a handheld and home console, has sold millions of units already and is on course to break quite a few sales records. It’s another example of Nintendo’s …

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5 reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally unveiled the much-anticipated Switch recently and it looks pretty awesome. Alright, so there are a couple of negatives: the price is a little higher than expected, it’ll only have six games at launch (although one of them is Zelda) and those JoyCons look super small when used on …

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Most traded-in Call of Duty game

Which Call of Duty game do people trade-in most?

Games don’t come much bigger than Call of Duty. Since 2003, the series has shifted over 175 million copies and made over $10 billion worldwide. Despite this, a ton of Call of Duty games are traded in each year because of the series’ yearly new release cycle. But which Call …

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Should you buy a PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR, Sony’s attempt at introducing virtual reality to the mainstream, is released today. It’s significantly cheaper than its rivals and it’s a lot easier to set up too, requiring just a PS4 instead of a high-end PC. The question is: should you buy it? Cost At $399, the …

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American Football

7 things you may not know about the Madden NFL series

Madden NFL 17 hit shelves this week, giving us all a chance to live out our football dreams without getting sacked by a giant in body armor. The Madden series is one of the longest running video game franchises of all time and has a rich history. Here are some …

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