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7 Things more valuable than you think




In a roundup published in April, Yahoo! Shine highlighted the versatility of Decluttr’s free service, even when it comes to ridding your home (and training program) of old workout videos.

For those of us who prefer exercising in the comforts of our own homes, workout DVDS and videos serve as an excellent alternative to the gym. Over the years traditional workouts have been overshadowed with an influx of new methods. Did anyone 25 years ago even know about Pilates?

The Yahoo! Shine article encourages its readers to take advantage of the tremendous capabilities of Decluttr through trading in old titles such as Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout in exchange for cash.

Could Decluttr’s ability to integrate burning calories, making money and “decluttring” the house into one streamlined process raise the excitement levels of fitness enthusiasts to be on par with Richard Simmons’ circa 1980s workout video? Check it out!

Decluttr: Gamer approved




Gamespot readers know firsthand about the hassles that come along with selling old video games. Some in-store retailers are far from liberal with their trade-in values, while online services can make the process close to exasperating.

In a March article, Gamespot covers how Decluttr may be the long-awaited answer for those looking to trade in their unwanted media and to receive a little cash in return: “…retailers will pay almost nothing, if anything, for certain games. But the same is not true for new company Decluttr, which will buy any CD, DVD, or video game from anyone.”

The article notes that Decluttr currently accepts a myriad of video games including all versions of PlayStations, Xbox, and Nintendo.

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Decluttr: Gamer approved