Lost phone

How to fix your phone (when you think it’s dead)

Your phone is dead. Or, at least you think it is. But before you say goodbye to your device forever, there are a few steps you can take to fix it (or at least try). Check out our top tips below. My phone is overheating! Your phone is hot, but …

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PS4 Controller

What is the worst video game based on a movie?

It’s no secret that most video games based on movies suck. Sure, there are some exceptions but the majority are average at best and hair-tearingly awful at worst. This post is dedicated to the latter. The awful, horrible games that make you want to throw your console out of the …

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Vinyl playing

The 20 best selling rock albums in the USA

Even though the world of popular music is ever-changing, rock has remained one of America’s favorite genres for generations. There’s something about loud guitars, thunderous drums and wailing vocals that we just cannot get enough of! But which rock albums are the most popular? Here are the 20 best selling …

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iPhone X Decluttr top tips

How to trade up to the iPhone X

The iPhone X is out now… kinda. The first wave of devices sold out just 10 minutes after pre-orders opened and you’ll now have to wait until December to get your hands on one (unless you’re willing to queue outside an Apple Store, and even then you’ll need to be …

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Stranger Things featured image

Stranger Things: Where are they now?

After what felt like forever, Stranger Things is finally back! Season 2 takes place in 1984, one year after the gang met Eleven and poor old Will took a trip into the Upside Down. Everyone in this season is a little bit older and a little bit wiser, which got …

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iPhone taking a photo

How to transfer data between phones

With a ton of great cell phones on the market and the iPhone X out soon, you might be thinking of upgrading… although it isn’t as easy as buying a new phone and going about your day! One of the biggest problems people face is transferring their data across phones. …

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