iPhone X Decluttr top tips

How to trade up to the iPhone X

The iPhone X is out now… kinda. The first wave of devices sold out just 10 minutes after pre-orders opened and you’ll now have to wait until December to get your hands on one (unless you’re willing to queue outside an Apple Store, and even then you’ll need to be near the front to avoid disappointment).

If you’re willing to wait, there’s another huge stumbling block: the price. The base 64GB iPhone X will set you back $999, while the 256GB model costs a daunting $1,149. You probably won’t have to remortgage your house to get one like some people have suggested, but it’s still a lot of money.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make the upgrade a little cheaper. Here are our top tips.

Sell your cell phone

Obviously we’d suggest this! Selling your current phone is a great way to raise some quick cash to put towards your new device. You could cut the cost the iPhone X by as much as half if you sell a newer device, although you’ll make a good amount of cash by selling an older phone too.

There are a few ways to sell your cell phone but few are as easy as Decluttr. Just get an instant price, send your phone for FREE and we’ll pay you the day after it arrives so you’re ready to upgrade. We’ll even lock your price in for 28 days while you buy your new phone!

Don’t just trade up with your carrier

Carrier upgrade programs are super tempting; you send back your device and, in return, they’ll give you credit to put towards a new lease. Easy, right?

Don’t expect to get the best price for your phone, though. We recently looked into it and found that, on average, we pay 33% than carriers. That extra cash can make a big difference!

Remember, you’ll be tied in to a carrier for a couple of years too.

Shop around

First things first: you’re unlikely to get the iPhone X for anything less than $999 at the moment unless you’re extremely lucky. In fact, a quick glance at eBay shows that you’re likely to pay a lot more!

That doesn’t mean you should just pay upfront or settle for the first instalment plan you find though. Take some time to shop around and compare offers; there are some great 0% interest instalment plans on the market at the moment with fairly small upfront fees. Just make sure you can keep with payments for the duration of your plan!

Apple rarely discount their products, especially their flagship smartphones, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals too… just in case.

Buy outright

In the short term, this is the most expensive way to buy an iPhone X. However, it will make your next upgrade a lot cheaper; owning your phone outright means you can sell it for the best price without having to worry about paying off the rest of your instalment plan.

Buying outright means you don’t have to worry about monthly instalment payments either, plus you’ll have more flexibility when choosing your carrier plan (you could even go prepaid!).

Buy a different phone

Do you actually need the iPhone X? There are a lot of cheaper phones on the market that offer almost as much power, including the iPhone 8. It’s one of the most powerful phones ever made, yet it ‘only’ costs $699 – a full $300 less than the basic iPhone X. Its price may even drop further if rumours are to be believed.

Older iPhones can more than hold their own too. Why not check out the awesome refurbished cell phones we have on the Decluttr Store and see how much you could save?

If you’re planning to upgrade to the iPhone X, sell your iPhone for the best price with Decluttr and use the cash to upgrade!

Just get an instant price for your phone, send it for FREE and we’ll pay the day after it arrives. We’ll even lock in your price for 28 days so you can buy your new phone first!