6 Easy Ways to Switch from Apple to Android

There are many reasons you may want to make the Apple to Android transfer. Variety and flexibility are just some of many reasons. Fortunately, changing from Apple to Android is incredibly easy. Ready to make the switch from Apple to Android? Make the switch seamless. Here’s everything you need to …

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Which smartphone should I buy?

No one buys an expensive item, whether it’s a house, car or even just a smartphone, without doing a little digging into what you’re getting yourself in to. It’s important to know what to expect but it can be overwhelming. If you need some guidance on what phone to buy, …

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iPhone taking a photo

How to transfer data from one phone to another

With a ton of great cell phones on the market, you might be thinking of upgrading… although it isn’t as easy as buying a new phone and going about your day! One of the biggest problems people face is transferring their data across phones. Although phone manufacturers have made it …

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Google Pixel phone

Google Pixel: Is it the best Android phone yet?

Despite developing the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Google has never designed a smartphone… until now. Unlike the Nexus series, which saw Google collaborate with a series of manufacturers to design the hardware, the Pixel is designed entirely by the Mountain View giants. It isn’t easy to survive in …

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