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Decluttr’s Apps of the Week: Noisli, Unfade and Notifly

We’ve been busy looking for some awesome apps so you don’t have to. Here’s what we’ve found this week.


If you’re easily distracted, Noisli is the app for you. It provides sound clips of various calming noises, including rain, wind, a coffee shop, fire and more, which you can combine to create your own calming background ambience while you work. If you want to pretend you’re working in a coffee shop under the ocean, Noisli can make that happen.

Research has proven that background ambience can boost your productivity for creative tasks, with some suggesting it’s even more effective than plain old silence.

As well as the various ambient sounds, you can also turn on white noise, pink noise and brown noise. Noisli is beautifully simple and will help you focus in even the most distracting of environments.

Download Noisli on iPhone | Download Noisli on Google Play


Unfade promises to restore your old photos for the digital age, which means that embarrassing photo of you in the tub can live on forever!

Simply scan your photo using your phone’s camera and Unfade will restore it in full digital glory, applying a filter that restores any faded colours. You can then upload that picture to Facebook, save it to the cloud or just stick it on a hard drive.

It’s pretty much perfect if you’ve got loads of old photos in the garage but you don’t have the time, equipment or expertise to restore them yourself. It’s also great if you want to embarrass a sibling on social media (which, let’s face it, we all do).

Unfade is only on iOS at the moment but hopefully we’ll see an Android version soon.

Download Unfade on iPhone


There’s nothing worse than getting an important message while you’re in the middle of playing a game. Do you lose your progress and respond, or do you risk the wrath of your friends/family/significant other?

Luckily, there’s now an app for that. Notifly notifies you whenever a message arrives, allowing you to view it and respond even if you’re in the middle of something else. You don’t have to leave an app or stop what you’re doing – just respond there and then!

Any chats that you don’t dismiss are then displayed on screen as a chat bubble, similar to the ones Facebook Messenger uses. You can customise the colour of these bubbles and add an unread message count too.

Notifly is compatible with most major messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp. It’s only available on Android at the moment, however.

Download Notifly on Google Play

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