How you can make a difference when buying secondhand tech

Are you wondering how you can make a difference to both your pocket and the planet? By switching to refurbished and secondhand tech rather than buying new, you’ll be making a positive impact! Don’t believe us? Here are four reasons why shopping refurbished can make a difference:  

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You’ll save on cash

If you’re looking to improve your bank balance without reducing your spending, buying secondhand is a great choice. Refurbished items are always lower in price than brand-new ones, so it’s an easy way to get those expensive tech items for less.

And if you’re worried about the quality of your secondhand tech, don’t be! All refurbished products are thoroughly checked and repaired if necessary, so you’ll always get a fully functioning device. 

Some secondhand items don’t always come in their original packaging, so if you don’t mind what box your device comes in, it makes much more sense to shop refurbished and save some cash!

You’ll be supporting ethical values

Ethical shopping has gotten increasingly popular in recent years. Shoppers would now rather see their hard-earned money go to a business with strong ethical values than to profit-grabbing corporations.

Recommerce companies, like Decluttr, are built on ethical and sustainable values, so choosing to support these businesses is another win for the planet and your conscience.

We’re proud to say Decluttr promotes a circular economy model and refurbishes 95% of the products we receive from customers. And if the devices can’t be refurbished, most of the parts will be reused to refurbish other products! 

When you choose to support those that hold the same sustainable values as you, you’re helping to fight against unethical and unsustainable practices.

It’s eco-friendly

For those looking to make a difference to the planet, buying secondhand tech and other preloved items is a good starting place. 

By purchasing refurbished tech, you’re reducing the demand for new products and, in turn, reducing the number of products being manufactured.

Reducing manufacturing is a massive deal for climate change, as it accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of direct carbon emissions in the US. And it’s not just the US producing lots of CO2; in Europe, the manufacturing industry emits an annual total of 880 million tonnes of CO2

Along with manufacturing, mining for precious metals used within tech items such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium is another big hitter for climate change. Mining for these materials can cause serious environmental impacts such as water pollution, endangering ecosystems and deforestation. 

When you purchase refurbished tech goods, you’re reducing the need to mine for these materials and so less damage is done to the planet.

It’s waste-reducing 

When tech is discarded improperly, it ends up in landfills polluting the land around it. As e-waste is toxic, it can pollute the air, water and soil, which can harm not just the planet but animals and humans too.

Buying refurbished tech is an excellent way of extending a product’s life and reducing e-waste.

The average life expectancy of a mobile phone is around 2.5 years, meaning that perfectly good devices are being discarded in favor of newer models.

This kind of consumer behavior coupled with poor recycling has done some major damage to the planet. In fact, the UN estimates that 53 million tonnes of e-waste are generated globally every year and expect this figure to double in 2050.

Making a conscious effort to shop refurbished will ensure that your purchased device will not add to the planet’s pollution!

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