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Which apps on your cell phone use the most data?

Do you struggle to keep within your data plan? Many of us do as we use the internet for just about everything these days. But, some apps eat away at your data quicker than others.

Everyone is different and everyone has their favorite app, but generally speaking – the following apps need plenty of data just to function as normal.


Watching videos on YouTube is a huge drain on your data plan. Whether you watch a music video or keep up with the latest vlogs from the best YouTubers, this will cut through your allowance like a hot knife through butter. Try to use it when you’re connected to Wi-Fi!


It’s a similar set up with the streaming service, Netflix. The time you spend scrolling through what’s on offer to then loading the video and watching it for anywhere between 20 minutes and a couple hours means your data will disappear in a flash. Again, it’s best used on a Wi-Fi network, or download your shows to watch on the move!


Aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed contributes to your data dwindling but the real offender here is their auto-play feature. When you go through your feed and see a video someone has posted, the video will automatically play for you. Whether you want it to or not. That video content will strain your data plan and you’re paying for stuff you might not even want to see!


The auto-play feature has now been adopted by popular social network Twitter too. So, any videos on your feed will play as you come across them – of which there could be hundreds of videos in a short space of time. This feature can be taken off, so look out for this in your settings to avoid any nasty surprises on your phone bill!


Images and videos are a big sap on data both as you upload and view the stuff on your feed. Add to that the stories you view every day as well as the new IGTV option where you can watch videos that are up to an hour long and you’ll soon find just how much of a strain it is on your data plan. You do have an option to ‘Use Less Data’ within your settings – it may hinder your experience slightly but you’ll save in the long run!

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