The Beyhive to the Potterheads: What does fandom mean?

It could be your favorite book, most loved singer or even the YouTuber you subscribe to. Whatever form of media and entertainment you’re most passionate about, there’s probably a network full of fellow enthusiasts in a fandom. Depending on what you’re most interested in, this tight-knit community of fans will …

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The best and worst deaths on Game of Thrones

The epic Game of Thrones series has come to a bloody end. Over the course of eight seasons we have seen brutal battles, devastating deaths and shocking tactics to gain power. Houses have been wiped out but we have to admit, we take joy in some of the on-screen deaths …

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Which smartphone should I buy?

No one buys an expensive item, whether it’s a house, car or even just a smartphone, without doing a little digging into what you’re getting yourself in to. It’s important to know what to expect but it can be overwhelming. If you need some guidance on what phone to buy, …

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Who are the key players in the new era of rap?

An art as old as time, rap has continued to evolve with new faces coming into shake up the scene. We dig into some of the most exciting names in the new era of rap music and what they are best known for. Travis Scott Jacques Webster, better known by …

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An essential guide to true crime

An interest in true crime stories was once considered a morbid fascination but is now a booming media industry. Digging into centuries old attacks or reviewing new information in a case that hasn’t yet been solved keeps us on edge on podcasts, in movies and in books. Does crime make …

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Everything you need to know about Queer Eye

The Netflix show Queer Eye has become one of the best-loved shows on the streaming platform, since its debut in 2018. To date, it has produced three emotional and awe-inspiring seasons. But, did you know it’s actually a reboot? We dig into all things Queer Eye, to give you all …

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9 of the best rock biopics

One of the biggest trends in movies at the minute is biopics of beloved musicians. Bohemian Rhapsody was well received, and Rocketman is set to see similar accolades. We look at 9 of the best rock biopics to sink your teeth into! Greetings from Tim Buckley Rotten Tomatoes score: 72% …

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5 Tech biopics we’d love to see

The key players in Tech – whether they’re investors or innovators – aren’t always covered by the silver screen. If we had our way, this wouldn’t be the case! Whilst The Social Network allowed us a glimpse into the early days of Facebook, here are some big names in Tech …

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