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Which superhero does your state love the most?

Superheroes are more popular than ever. The Marvel and DC movies have grossed billions at the box office, Comic-Con sells out every year and you’ll struggle to find anyone who can’t name at least 3 of the Avengers.

But who is the most popular superhero in the US? We used Google Search Data to find out!

Most popular superheroes by state

And the winner is… Spider-Man, with seven states! Peter Parker is most popular in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and his home state of New York.

Batman swoops in at second, topping searches in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, West Virginia and New Hampshire.

In joint third place are Wonder Woman, Deadpool and The Flash. Wonder Woman is the most popular superhero in Washington, Rhode Island, Utah, Idaho and South Dakota; Deadpool’s unorthodox style is most popular in Iowa, Georgia, Delaware, Missouri and Louisiana; and the Flash is most popular in New Jersey, Maine, Kentucky, Virginia and Hawaii.

Female superheroes rule the West Coast, with Jessica Jones winning Oregon and California (as well as Vermont) along with Wonder Woman’s West Coast states.

There’s disappointment for Superman, who only took Ohio, North Carolina and Nebraska and lost his home state of Kansas to Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Iron Man – generally seen as one of the most popular Avengers – only came out on top in Minnesota, Montana and Connecticut.

And spare a thought for Captain America; he was only most popular in four states, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin. So much for being America’s superhero!

Check out the full list below!

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State Superhero
ArizonaCaptain America
CaliforniaJessica Jones
ConnecticutIron Man
HawaiiThe Flash
IdahoWonder Woman
KansasGreen Lantern
KentuckyThe Flash
MaineThe Flash
MarylandLuke Cage
MassachusettsLuke Cage
MichiganGreen Lantern
MinnesotaIron Man
MontanaIron Man
NevadaCaptain America
New HampshireBatman
New JerseyThe Flash
New MexicoBatman
New YorkSpider-Man
North CarolinaSuperman
North DakotaWolverine
OklahomaThe Incredibles
OregonJessica Jones
PennsylvaniaCaptain America
Rhode IslandWonder Woman
South CarolinaSpider-Man
South DakotaWonder Woman
UtahWonder Woman
VermontJessica Jones
VirginiaThe Flash
WashingtonWonder Woman
West VirginiaBatman
WisconsinCaptain America