New Apple Watch Rumors: Release Date, Features and Specs

With the Apple Watch Series 7 now on sale, the ever-active Apple rumor mill has moved onto speculating about the Series 8 range (or whatever Apple device to call it!). According to recent rumors, it’s likely we’ll have a launch very soon and we’ve got some must have information just for you. Here’s what you need to know!

When will the new Apple Watch be released?

Apple almost always launches the latest Watch range alongside the latest iPhone. That means we should almost certainly see it in the second or third week of September, barring any exceptional circumstances. 

Apple follows a consistent launch schedule, so it’s been predicted we’ll see the new Apple Watch on the 6th or 13th September 2022.

Plus, if the dates go to plan, the Series 8 range should be available to buy at some point in October 2022.

What will the new Apple Watch be called?

Apple has a habit of changing the name of their products when we least expect it, but they’ve remained remarkably consistent with the Watch range. We’re almost certain that Apple will use the Series 8 name for the latest range… but you never know with Apple!

How much will the Apple Watch cost?

As with previous Apple Watch models, the price you pay will depend on the size of the device and the strap you choose. Prices for the Series 7 range started from $369, so we expect the Series 8 to start from roughly the same price point.

What features will the new Apple Watch have?

According to Apple Watch rumors, the new model will have a new flat-edged design and flat display. 

A huge range of new health features are rumored too, including blood pressure monitoring, a thermometer for fertility and sleep tracking. 

It’s also been rumored the new Apple Watch will feature car crash detection, which means the Watch would have various sensors measuring spikes in gravitational force and contacting emergency services if a crash has occurred. 

It’s also likely the S8 chip will have speed and efficiency improvements. Plus, it’s almost certain new watch faces will be introduced too. 

We’ll continue to monitor the latest rumors though, so check back again soon!

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