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7 signs that it’s time to sell your cell phone

Cell phones don’t last forever; Apple even admitted as much recently. But how can you tell when it’s time to get rid of your phone and upgrade? Here are some tell tale signs… You don’t get the latest operating system updates anymore The smartphone world is like an even more …

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Which cell phone should you upgrade to in 2016?

Choosing a new phone is terrifying. All those specs, all that choice: how is anyone supposed to pick something without having a nervous breakdown? Well, we’re here to help. In this post, you’ll find details on the major new phones released this year, helping you make a decision on which …

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Do you own an embarrassing cell phone? Find out now…

We hate to break it to you but you might be carrying around an embarrassing cell phone without realizing it. Here’s how to tell… It has a keypad We’re not talking about the QWERTY keyboards you get on a BlackBerry but the numerical horrors that appeared on old Nokia cell …

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Is your phone your BFF? Here’s how to tell.

America loves smartphones. According to research by the Bank of America, 36% of us constantly check and use our phones throughout the day. 11% don’t think they could survive an hour without their handset. Another report by Gallup suggests 81% of smartphone owners keep their device with them at all …

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