Nokia 5110 cell phone

Do you own an embarrassing cell phone? Find out now…

We hate to break it to you but you might be carrying around an embarrassing cell phone without realizing it.

Here’s how to tell…

It has a keypad

We’re not talking about the QWERTY keyboards you get on a BlackBerry but the numerical horrors that appeared on old Nokia cell phone. Seriously, you have to press a button three times to get certain letters. How do you live when it takes 30 minutes to send a two line text?!

It’s a flip phone

“But, it protects my screen and keypad!” Yeah, well you also look like you’re in a mid-2000s cop drama. Super cool, dude. Super, super cool.

It has a terrible camera

You want to take a selfie with your friend but they’ve run out of battery. So you flip your phone round because you’ve never heard of a front-facing camera and take a picture of half your chin.

When you get it right, it looks like it was taken under the sea using a potato while a killer whale tried to drag you into the abyss.

It’s super slow

Hey, iOS 10 looks great! Oh wait, you can’t download it… Congratulations on being able to download iOS though, unlike Flip Phone Joe back there.

It’s cracked and chipped

Hey, accidents happen. We’ve all dropped our phone down the toilet or thrown it at a wall when Candy Crush got too much.

There’s a limit though. Especially when your phone looks like it was savaged by a bear then stepped on by a group of marching US Marines.

It’s in a case with a belt clip

Unless you’re a contractor, an out-of-touch business executive or a dad who has given up all hope of being cool, there’s no excuse for clipping your phone to your belt. Put it in your pocket or your bag!

It has an antenna

Do you keep getting a bunch of missed calls from a weird number you don’t recognise? Yeah, that’s the 90s calling and they want their cell phone back.

You have a polyphonic ringtone

Seriously, it sounds nothing like Sweet Child O’ Mine! NOTHING!

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