Money-saving New Year resolutions to try in 2023

Determined to make some positive changes to your finances? Make use of the new year by settling on some money-saving New Year resolutions! Here are five simple New Year money-saving tips to help you start 2023 off with an extra few bucks.

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Minimize your waste

Do you find yourself with out-of-date food in your cupboards or extra food spare after meals? If so, you could benefit from adjusting your waste habits when it comes to your food.

Try to plan your meals ahead of time so you don’t overspend and buy more than you need. And if you still find yourself with leftovers after meals, save the food and have it as a meal another day.

Introducing these habits into your daily routine will reduce the amount of food wasted and save you from using up your food faster, as you’ll keep the leftovers you would usually throw out. If you’re buying less and using up all of your food rather than letting it go to waste, you’ll save some extra cash each month.

Plus, minimizing your waste also helps the environment, so it’s a double win regardless!

Ditch the clutter for cash

It’s easy to let unwanted items clutter your home, which is why you should make a promise to clear out the junk and sell it for cash! If you’re looking for New Year financial resolutions, this one will certainly help to boost your balance and keep your home tidy.

Americans have $43 billion in cash hiding in their homes from their unused tech, so if you’ve got any old tablets or phones lying around your house, trade them in!

Not got any tech to trade in? There are other things you can sell for cash! You can get rid of unwanted books, CDs and DVDs too. Simply send your unwanted tech or entertainment items to Decluttr and get paid – it’s that easy! 

Since this is a New Year resolution, you’ll have to keep up the good work to make sure your home is clutter free all year round. Try having bi-monthly clean-outs to ensure you’re slowly adding clutter back into your home.

Try out different transport methods

If you’re searching for some New Year money-saving tips, transport can be an easy thing to change to help you with your resolution. While this might not apply to everyone, you could find that you’re spending more than you need to get around.

For drivers, check your local public transport; is there a bus, train or tram route that works out cheaper than filling up your tank? If you’re looking to stop paying for your commute altogether, could you walk or cycle instead?

You’ll be surprised just how much you can save by making a switch up to your usual transport!

Shop refurbished

No matter how many money-saving techniques you use over the year, you’re bound to buy a few new things here and there. So why not add purchasing to your money-saving New Year resolutions?

Try making a conscious decision to shop refurbished or second hand and see how much money you can save! You can buy second hand books, CDs, DVDs and even more expensive items like refurbished phones and refurbished tech for much less than what you’d pay for them new.

Buying refurbished and second hand items is a cheaper way of buying, so it’s an ideal option for anyone looking to reduce their spending and save some cash! 

Swap the gym for alternative workouts

Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you need a gym membership to keep fit!

Make a New Year financial resolution to replace your gym membership for at-home workouts instead, and when the weather gets warmer, try some outdoor activities too.

You can find many free workout videos and tutorials online to try out in the comfort of your own home, and when the weather is warmer, you can take your workouts outdoors!

If you’re determined to save some money in the new year and don’t mind working out at home instead, you’ll be able to pocket those monthly payments you’d usually pay out to your gym.

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