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5 more awesome benefits of owning less

America is a nation drowning in clutter. According to one study, there are 300,000 items in the average American home. Another suggests that 1 in 10 Americans rent a storage unit, with 50% simply storing stuff they can’t fit into their home.

Even if your home isn’t crammed with clutter, you undoubtedly own a few things you don’t need. It’s the nature of the society we live in, where getting rid of something is seen as a financial loss or even reckless (even though most ‘what if I need it in the future?’ items never actually get used again).

There are plenty of reasons to own a little less, as we’ve outlined on this blog before. Here are a few more amazing benefits of decluttering!

You’ll improve your concentration

The less stuff you own, the less time you spend thinking about it. Simple, right?

It’s a theory backed by science too. A study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute found that having numerous objects in front of you divides your focus as your brain tries to process it all.

So, if you’re feeling distracted at home or work, try getting rid of a few unnecessary things. The results may surprise you. Oh, and a good decluttering session is a great motivator too!

You’ll be happier

Researchers at the UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families found a link between high stress and clutter in female home owners. It turns out clutter really can make you unhappy!

Ditching the clutter means that you have less to worry about at home, plus it means you’ll spend less time cleaning – something we can all get behind.

Decluttering has a few more positive benefits too, including improved productivity, fewer arguments and less financial stress (more on that later).

You’ll reduce your environmental impact

A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that up to 60% of global emissions are due to human consumption. By buying less and recycling more, we can begin to bring that figure down.

Take a look around your home and think about what you really need. Anything that doesn’t fit into your life can be recycled or sold – but resist the temptation to replace it!

You’ll be more financially secure

After decluttering, most people feel extremely satifised with their tidy new home – and the last thing they want to do is fill it up with new stuff!

That, in turn, means that they spend less (or at least spend the money you save on something more meaningful).

The satisfaction you’ll feel with your home also means you’ll feel less desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, a desire that has led to people amassing massive debts and huge credit card bills!

You’ll cherish what you keep

The key to decluttering, as outlined in Marie Kondo’s bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is to hold onto the things that bring you joy. Anything that doesn’t bring joy or satisfaction to your life can be sold or recycled.

Once you’ve been through the process of questioning everything, you’ll feel a greater appreciation for the items you’ve decided to keep in your life. It’ll help you cherish what you have and feel grateful for what the items you own bring to your life.

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