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Do Americans blindly trust their mobile carriers?

It seems like we can’t get enough of our cell phones. In fact, 81% of us own one and collectively pay $211 Billion per year in bills alone!

Upgrading is high on our priority list too - we spend over $350 upgrading our cell phones every year.

But why so much?

Decluttr spoke to smartphone-owning Americans to find out more about their cell phone upgrading behaviors.

Americans and cell phone carriers



Reasons for mobile carrier preference.


45% of smartphone owners prefer their carrier simply out of trust with 72% believing they are getting the best value from their current provider.


Plus, about a third (32%) of Americans have been with their wireless carrier for an average of 6+ years.

Buying a new cell phone

In today’s mobile market, most Americans upgrade their phone every 1-2 years. Americans are most likely to take the easy route and purchase a new phone by upgrading directly from their carrier.

But did you know that buying a refurbished phone can save you a ton of money in the long haul, even if you intend to stay with your carrier? On average, those buying a refurbished iPhone XS can save over $425 per upgrade.

With 5G soon to become more widely available, carrier rates are only likely to increase.

Americans and cell phone carriers



How often Americans consider other options before upgrading through their carrier.

Yet, only 40% of consumers say they’re willing to pay an extra $10 monthly to access a 5G network from their carrier.

Although the facts say we’re more likely to stick to our carriers, it’s 100% worth doing your research to find a better deal! Especially if 5G isn’t on the top of your priority list.

Want to upgrade your cell phone? If you still intend on staying with your carrier, selling your old cell phone can give you cash towards a new device! Want to make the switch? You can sell Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile phones with us!

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*This survey was fielded from August 1-5, 2019 and included 2,003 Americans who own smartphones. Consumer sample provided by panel provider, InnovateMR.