Unsure how to buy second hand mobile phones online? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Decluttr, we have a huge range of refurbished Cell phones to suit every budget. Read on to learn more about why we’re the best second hand mobile phone website and find out how to buy a refurbished phone from us:

How to buy second hand mobile phones?

If you’re wondering where to buy second hand iPhones, second hand HTC phones, second hand Nokia phones, and other models, we’ve got a huge range of Cell Phones to choose from. 

However, there’s a few factors you need to take into consideration that can affect the price:


You can buy a refurbished phone from us in three conditions: 

  • ‘Pristine’ refers to the Cell Phone being in excellent working order. 
  • ‘Very Good’ means the device is in very good cosmetic condition but theirs light signs of use, but it’s been fully tested and works perfectly. 
  • ‘Good’ refers to moderate signs of wear and tear but the device is in good working order.

Locked or unlocked

SIM-free second-hand mobile phones normally are a bit more expensive than locked devices. This is because the user has more freedom to choose which carrier they want to use.

As second hand Phones are cheaper than buying new, this gives you the opportunity to choose a SIM plan that suits you based on what you need. This is a much cheaper option than being stuck in an expensive phone contract and then restricted to a specific carrier’s plans. 

However, if you’re happy with your current carrier, you can make it even cheaper for yourself by switching to a refurbished locked phone. Here at Decluttr, you can buy Cell Phones locked to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Xfinity Mobile.

Storage space

The more storage space the device has, the price will increase. For example, there will be a price difference for a Cell Phone with 64GB and one with 256GB.

Where can I buy cheap second hand mobile phones?

There are two options when looking for second hand phones, which are buying from a private seller or an established retailer. The decision all depends on your preferences:

Private seller or auction site

Private sellers, such as a person selling a Cell Phone through a classified ad or auction site, are required to provide descriptions about the device, but this isn’t always clear. People have varied experiences with private sellers and there can be a lot of uncertainty whether you’re going to receive the exact device you paid for ( or thought you were buying). 

Take into consideration these factors when buying from a private seller:

  • What condition is the phone in?
  • Is the phone locked or unlocked? 
  • Has it had repairs? 
  • How long has the device been used? 

The main disadvantage with buying from a private seller or auction site is that it’s difficult to get things sorted if something goes wrong and you can’t be fully sure how well looked after the device is. 

Be cautious when buying from a private seller and if they refuse to give you information about the Cell Phone, it’s best to find another way to buy your next phone.  

Buy second hand smartphones from a retailer 

Buying a Cell Phone from an established retailer is a lot easier and straightforward as you’ll have access to a warranty and a customer service team.

Here at Decluttr, all of our Cell Phones and Tech are Certified Refurbished and have gone through all the necessary checks to make sure you get the perfect device. 

This means your phone is more likely to last longer, plus you’ll get a FREE 12 month limited warranty which covers you for any technical faults. Choose Decluttr today and shop our amazing range of refurbished Phones

Where is the best place to buy and sell second hand cell phones?

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