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6 ultra efficient ways to store DVDs

We recently shared a few tips on how to cut down your DVD collection quickly and easily.

But what should you do with the DVDs you have left? Here are a few of the most effective ways to store DVDs in your collection!

Alphabetical order

Arguably the most popular and best way to store DVDs is in alphabetical order. Thanks to the fine residents of Sesame Street (and teachers, of course), most of us know the alphabet from a pretty young age.

That makes organizing your DVD in alphabetical order the obvious choice. When you want to find a movie, just sing that catchy little song and pow! You’ve found it.

There is one problem with this system; if you’re adding a new movie that doesn’t begin with A or Z, you’re gonna have to shift some DVDs around. On the plus side, that could be a good time to sell some DVDs!

Order by Genre

Wondering how to organize DVDs without using the alphabet? This one takes a little more thought but it’s super handy when you’re in the mood for a certain kind of film. Want to watch an action movie? Hit up the action section!

It’s useful to label up each genre section in your collection, so you don’t forget what belongs where.

You’ll also need to spend time deciding which genre each DVD belongs to. IMDB is handy if you’re struggling!

The Newest First System

This is one of the simpler ways to store DVDs: your newest DVDs go at the front of your collection, pushing everything before it down a space.

This system is great if you buy a lot of new DVDs and it saves all that reorganization when you add something new to your collection too.

However, it makes finding a title in the rest of your collection slightly more difficult – unless you can remember exactly when you bought a movie.

Most Watched

As the name suggests, this system is based on placing the DVDs you watch most at the start of your collection and the ones you watch least at the end.

The beauty of this system is that your favorite movies are in easy reach and the ones you don’t watch at right at the end, ready to pluck out and sell for some easy cash!

The hardest part of this system is deciding which of your movies will get the coveted #1 ‘most loved’ slot. You can always change your mind later though, so don’t get too hung up on it!

Reorganize as you watch

If you want to know how to organize DVD collection and other collections in the simplest way, the answer is to reorganize as you watch. This is a variant on the newest first system, but instead of putting your newest DVD at the front, you put the movie you last watched at the front.

This is a great way of tracking which DVDs you still enjoy watching – and rooting out the ones you don’t watch anymore!

By actor

This is slightly leftfield but if you’re a big fan of a particular actor – say, Johnny Depp or Meryl Streep – you may find it useful to put all of their movies next to each other so you can find them easily!

This system can get quite chaotic, so organize your actors in alphabetical order for maximum efficiency.

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