7 awesome WWE movies ahead of Wrestlemania!

The world’s toughest grapplers descend on Dallas this weekend for Wrestlemania 32, the centrepiece of the WWE calendar.

Wrestling isn’t all the WWE does though. Since the early 2000s, they’ve been making movies too. To get you pumped up ahead of Wrestlemania, here are some of the best!

See No Evil         

If you’re not familiar with wrestling, Kane is a 7 foot monster who emerged from the fires of hell to fight his brother, the Undertaker. He used to wear a mask but it turns out he looks even scarier without it.

Naturally, WWE made a slasher movie all about him (although he doesn’t actually play ‘Kane’, but a dude called ‘Jacob Goodnight’).  It’s pretty much like every slasher movie ever, but there’s something funny about seeing Kane as a crazy dude who has mommy issues and likes to kill people in ridiculously brutal ways.

Sadly, he doesn’t chokeslam anyone.


The WWE version of Rocky sees John Cena star as a wayward ex-wrestler who trains his brother in the art of the grapple after he gets bullied and joins the wrestling team.

It’s not exactly Creed but its quite sweet and worth checking out if you prefer wrestling to boxing. It also has a nice message about family too. D’aww!

12 Rounds

Imagine if someone threw every 90s action movie into a blender and chucked John Cena on top and you’ve pretty much got 12 Rounds.

This time, John is a policeman led on a ’12 round’ hunt by a crazed arms dealer (played by Aiden Gillen of Game of Thrones fame). Each of the rounds involves some kind of terrible thing happening, like his house getting blown up or his girlfriend getting kidnapped.

While it doesn’t break new ground, 12 Rounds is still good fun. Especially if you love action movies.

The Chaperone

As he likes to remind everyone, Triple H is THE GAME. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but it seems to involve being really intense and wielding a sledgehammer like a maniac.

However, Trips does neither of these things in The Chaperone. Instead, he’s an ex-getaway driver who skips out on a job to chaperone his daughter on a school trip. His fellow bank robbers decide to chase him to New Orleans, but the kooky kids cause him more trouble.

If you liked those Arnie movies where he goofed around finding Turboman dolls or teaching kindergarten, you’ll love this.

Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery

Yep, you read that right. The Scooby gang go to watch Wrestlemania but guess what? There’s an evil ghost causing all kinds of havoc, and he eventually steals the WWE title.

Highlights include John Cena saving the Mystery Machine from a ditch by lifting it with his barehands and poor ol’ Shaggy and Scoob having to face Kane in a title match. It all works out okay in the end thanks to those meddling kids, though.

The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!

Not content with laying the smackdown on one beloved Hanna Barbera cartoon, the WWE superstars travel back in time to take on Fred and his pals.

In the first Flintstones cartoon for 14 years, Barney decides to become a professional wrestler (with Fred as his manager/agent) and takes on the likes of John Cenastone, Rey Mysteriopal and CM Punkrock.

The Undertaker also appears, but he doesn’t get a comedy name because the writers were too scared to give him one (presumably).

Walking Tall

Before he was a movie star, The Rock was a wrestler who was occasionally a movie star. In Walking Tall, a remake of the 1970s film of the same name, he stars as a no-nonsense sherriff who launches a one-man war against criminals in his jurisdiction. Johnny Knoxville co-stars.

Walking Tall is based on the true life tale of Sherriff Buford Pusser, who ironically moonlighted as a wrestler.

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