Back to the Future Goofs and Mistakes

12 of the Biggest Goofs in Back to the Future

It’s here. The era of hoverboards and plasma flat screens has arrived. Though it’s disappointing that self-drying jackets haven’t made their way into our closets and the hoverboards aren’t completely hovering, 2015 brought us just as much fulfillment as the Back to the Future trilogy predicted. Since we’re inching closer and closer to the exact date that Doc, Marty and Jennifer transported their way into the future, (October 21, 2015), we thought we’d celebrate by pointing out some things you may have missed in the film that started it all.


Back to the Future Marty Meeting Mom

Marty goes back in time and meets his mother, Lorraine, where she soon develops a crush on him. Marty must bring his parents together to ensure that they fall in love, or he will alter the past and possibly never be born in the future. Here’s the problem; when his parents end up getting together, and they live happily ever after, wouldn’t it be a little suspicious that Lorraine gave birth to a son that looks just like the guy that introduced them? She just so happened to be romantically interested in Marty and now has a child that looks identical to him, but no one is asking questions.

The Letter

Back to the Future - The Letter

What about the letter that Marty writes to Doc? You probably didn’t notice the difference while you were watching the movie, but the last line reads “disaster” in the original and “terrible disaster” in the taped up version he reads in 1985.

Phantom Candy

back to the future goofs

How frustrating would it be to have a container full of candy and, in a split second, have it disappear? You can witness this happening after Marty comes home and Biff reaches for some jelly beans (or whatever they are).

Futuristic Guitar

Maybe you remember the Gibson ES45 that Marty brings with him in the DeLorean when they travel to 1955, or maybe it’s a figment of your imagination. Marty didn’t bring a guitar with him, so how does he play an instrument at the school dance that didn’t make its debut until 1957?

Car Switch

Back to the Future - Car Switch

When Biff and his friends are chasing Marty around town square, the car they’re driving changes. Notice how it goes from a 1946 Ford to a 1948 model. Check out the headlights.

Sparking Skateboard

Back to the Future Goofs - Skateboard

In the same chase scene, you can clearly see that Marty’s skateboard has a device attached underneath. It vanishes and reappears only when spark effects are needed.

Aging Street Paint

Back to the Future Goofs

There’s a “start here” line that Doc
paints on the street for Marty when he uses the time machine. In the scene where Marty gets out of the DeLorean to insert the hook pole, the paint is bold and vibrant. Skip forward a few seconds to when Marty is back in the car, and the paint isn’t so clear.

Changing Gauges

Back to the Future Date Change

When Einstein is in the time machine, the time travelling gauge clearly reads “10” but changes to “October” in the next frame.

Night Class

Back to the Future Gifs - School

Ever notice that it’s nighttime when Marty’s principal catches him for being late to school? That’s one diligent learning program.

Vanishing Pen

Back to the Future goofs

In the beginning of the movie, when George is talking to Marty, you can clearly see that George has three pens in his pockets before one vanishes.

Self Drying Clothes

Back to the Future Goofs Laundry

In the scene where George is going to hang his washed clothes on the line, he and Marty are having a conversation, but they never acknowledge the fact that all the clothes in the basket are already dry.

Political Tricks

Back to the Future Goofs - Mayor

When Marty first gets to Hill Valley in 1955, the mayor’s car is driving around town, and in one shot you can see two horns on top of the car. In the next frame, the horn on the back of the car disappears and the sign is facing a different direction.

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