At Decluttr. That’s it, that’s the end of the article!

But seriously - we’re one of the best places to sell broken phones in the USA, and for good reason.

Cell phones are fragile, even with a phone case, tempered glass or any other protective measure you’ve put in place. But if you've stumbled across this, then we bet you’re wondering “how can I sell my broken phone?”. Don’t worry - we’ve got you! Read on to find out how you can sell your broken cell phone.

Can I sell broken phones?

Even though we’re one of the places that buys broken phones, we do have a set of rules to follow. We can buy:

  • Phones that are cracked
  • Phones that are scratched and dented
  • Phones with broken microphones or speakers
  • Phones with broken buttons
  • Phones with broken SIM gates
  • Phones that don’t power up.

How much do you pay for broken phones?

No matter which reseller you go with, a broken phone will always be worth less than one that’s fully functioning. But, it’s much better to sell a broken phone with us for cash, than simply leaving it in your drawer to gather dust!

How does selling a broken phone work?

We’ll give you a price for your faulty phone, then inspect it upon arriving at our warehouse. Assuming it matches the criteria, you’ll get paid the price we offered.

Our Tech Price Promise is also in place if we have to alter the price we originally quoted. In that case, you can get your phone back completely free!

What can’t I sell?

We do have pretty strict rules on the damage your cell phone may have. Here’s what we don’t accept:

  • Phones that have been reported stolen
  • Phones that are barred from carriers
  • Blacklisted phones
  • Phones snapped in half 
  • Twisted phones
  • Fake phones
  • Phones missing components

Can I sell a water damaged phone?

Yes! We’re one of the very few places that accept water-damaged phones.

What happens when I sell my broken phone?

We’ll repair and refurbish your broken phone for resale. However, sometimes this simply isn’t possible if the damage is beyond repair. So in this case, we’ll use the components to refurbish other phones, and recycle what we don’t need responsibly!

How to sell my broken phone

It’s really easy to sell broken phones with Decluttr! Simply sell how you would normally - but in case you’re new here, just follow the steps below:

  1. Select your phone, storage capacity, carrier and condition
    • In this case, it would be faulty
  2. Place your phone into a box and ship it to us for free
  3. We’ll pay you the day after it arrives by Direct Deposit or PayPal.

It’s that easy!

Want to sell broken cell phones for cash? Select “Sell My Cell Phone” on our site and get cash for your old device. It’s smart for for the planet!