Unsure what to do with old Cell Phones? Don’t just leave them in a drawer to lose value, recycle your unwanted device with Decluttr to make extra cash and help protect the planet. Read on to find out where to sell Phones for cash and how you’ll be making a difference to the environment:

Where can I sell my Cell Phone?

Decluttr is the best place to sell your Cell Phone! Get a valuation in seconds and we’ll lock in the price for 28 days, giving you enough time to upgrade and ship your device for FREE

You don’t have to wait around to get paid either! Our Fast Next Day Payments means you’ll get paid the day after we receive your Cell Phone.

We’re also rated Excellent on Trustpilot and have paid out hundreds of millions to our happy customers. So if you’re thinking ‘where can I sell my phone for a good price?’ you’ve come to the right place.

If that wasn’t enough, by recycling your Cell Phone with us, you’ll help reduce e-waste and save valuable materials - it’s smart for you...smart for the planet!

Lastly, our Tech Price Promise means you’ll get paid the first price we offer for your Cell Phone or we’ll return it for FREE!

Why is it so important to recycle?

Electronics account for up to 70% of landfills toxic waste and cause a range of environmental risks. The G7 nations currently produce 15.9 million tonnes of e-waste per year, with the US contributing to 6.9 million tonnes.

By recycling your unwanted Cell Phones and Tech, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions and save valuable materials

Plus, keeping a Cell Phone in use for just one extra year can cut its lifetime CO2 impact by a third.

You can help make a difference today by recycling your unwanted Tech and Cell Phones with Decluttr! It’s smart for you, smart for the planet.

Where can I sell a locked phone?

If you want to know ‘where can I sell my Verizon Phone?’, here at Decluttr, we accept carrier Phones from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Plus, we pay up to 33% more on average than carriers. Just go to our ‘sell Phone by carrier’ page and choose which one your Phone is locked to. 

We also accept unlocked Cell Phones, just make sure to categorize your device as unlocked so you get the correct valuation.

How to sell a phone

It’s really easy to sell your Cell Phone with Decluttr! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the model, storage, and condition of your Cell Phone! Plus tell us if it’s locked to a carrier or unlocked.
  2. Put your device into a secure box and ship it to us for FREE! 
  3. Get paid the day after we receive your Cell Phone via PayPal or Direct Deposit, thanks to our Fast Next Day Payments!

For more information about the selling process, check out our how it works page.

So if you’re wondering ‘who buys used Cell Phones?’, trade in your iPhone or sell your Phone with Decluttr today to make extra cash!