Upgrade The Smart Way Terms and Conditions

To qualify for a cashback payment, the customer must complete the following steps: 

  • Purchase a refurbished mobile phone, tablet, games console, MacBook or wearable device. 
  • Complete a trade-in on Decluttr valued over $150 and include one of the following products: mobile phone, tablet, games console, MacBook or wearable device.

Customers who complete both of these transactions and fulfill the criteria will receive a $20 cashback bonus.

Both transactions must be completed within 14 days of each other. Starting a new transaction after this point will reset the process, and the customer will need to complete both transactions again to qualify for their cashback bonus. 

Cashback bonuses will be paid 45 days after the completion of the final qualifying transaction. 

All payments are made to the chosen payment method on your Decluttr account. Decluttr accepts no responsibility for payments made to the incorrect account due to outdated details. 

You will not qualify for the cashback bonus if your trade order is regraded and revalued under $150.

If you complete more than one trade-in or purchase, you will receive your bonus based on the first ‘set’ of qualifying orders. For example, if you complete a purchase, trade, then another purchase, you will receive $20 for your initial purchase and trade - the second purchase would not qualify unless you completed a second trade.

If you cancel your order for any reason, you will not be eligible for the cashback bonus. If Decluttr cancels your order, you will still be eligible for the cashback bonus.

Decluttr reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions if necessary.