Upgrade the smart way!

Buy refurbished tech and trade-in with Decluttr using code UPGRADE21 to get up to $45 extra!



Time to upgrade? You can make it cheaper by trading-in and upgrading with Decluttr! Just follow these simple steps.


10% extra use code upgrade21

1. Trade in your unwanted phones and tech and get 10% extra (max. additional value $30) with code UPGRADE21

Buy or Rent from the decluttr store

2. Buy refurbished phones and tech from the Decluttr Store. Our great value certified refurbished tech is cheaper than buying new, goes through an extensive 90+ check and comes with a FREE 12 month warranty! Shop phones and tech from Apple, Samsung, Google and much more.

Get cashback for your order

3. Get up to 5% (max. additional value $15) additional cashback  (based on your original trade-in value)!


If you’d prefer to shop first, simply buy the item(s) you want then complete your trade-in using the code UPGRADE21 after! As well as helping you to save money on your upgrade, trading in your unwanted tech will reduce e-waste and cut your carbon footprint too.

It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!




Bought from us already?

Trade in your unwanted phones and tech and we’ll give you up to $45 extra cash as a bonus! Simply add the code UPGRADE21 at the checkout to claim your bonus. you will receive 10% extra on trading in your items, followed by the rest of your bonus as cashback upon payment for your trade-in.






Already traded?

As long as you used the code UPGRADE21 when completing your order, you can buy phones and refurbished tech to boost the value of your trade-in even further!






Frequently asked questions


Do I need to use the code UPGRADE21 to claim my extra cash?

Yes, all offers are only available if you complete a trade-in using the code UPGRADE21 before 23:59 PT on December 20 2021.

When will I receive my extra cash?

You’ll get 10% extra for your trade-in as soon as we’ve received your items and processed them at our warehouse. Your additional bonus from purchasing will be paid upon the completion of your 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, which begins when your Decluttr Store order is delivered.

All additional trade-in value will be paid to the bank account or PayPal details listed on your Decluttr account so please make sure they are correct!

Do I need to trade in my items and shop using the same account?

Yes. Our system will match your trade-in order to purchase, so please make sure to use the account.

When do I need to complete a trade-in or purchase by to claim my bonus?

You’ll need to complete your trade-in and purchase within 14 days of each other. You will also need to complete your trade-in and purchase within the promotional period – please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I get an additional extra cash bonus on every trade-in I make?

No, we will calculate your additional cash bonus based on the total value of the trade-in you made using the code UPGRADE21. Any subsequent trade-ins will not count towards your bonus.


Frequently asked questions


Please refer to our full offer terms and conditions for more details.

*All payments will be made to the payment details selected when completing your trade-in. Additional bonus amounts are dependent on the product you purchase. Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more information: https://www.decluttr.com/us/store/upgrade-the-smart-way-terms-and-conditions/