How much money are Americans sitting on?

How much money are Americans sitting on?

We surveyed 2,000* US adults to see how often they make new tech purchases, how much they spend on tech and how much unused tech they have lying around.

Americans spend about $360 on new technology per year.

That’s over $188 billion for the tech industry alone! But what are Americans doing with their unused tech once they upgrade?

Did you know...

That’s a lot of money (and unused tech) to have lying around.


83% of Americans have cell phones they no longer use, including models like...

...and 28% with these unwanted cell phones do nothing about them. They’re simply in a drawer gathering dust!



The amount of unused iPhones alone are worth $28Billion!

The amount of unused iPhones alone are worth $28Billion!

The amount of unused iPhones alone are worth $28Billion!


What about other tech devices?

Beyond cell phones, 57% of Americans have other tech items lying around. That’s a significant amount of cash lying around at home! That spare tech could be refurbished and sold on to someone who needs it too. Let’s break it down...


What are Americans doing with their tech?


A staggering 28M of American citizens simply throw away their unwanted tech - which negatively contributes to landfills, a high carbon footprint and excessive toxic waste.

That $360 spent on tech per year may not be the case for much longer. The average mobile device depreciates by 38% per year, which means Americans could lose an average of $120 on each unused mobile device if they don’t trade their phones in within the next year!




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*This survey was fielded on March 17, 2020 and included 2,000 U.S. Adults. Consumer sample provided by mobile panel provider, Pollfish.