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Cartoon Sound F-X / Various - Cartoon Sound F/X

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Cartoon Sound F-X / Various
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Peter Pan
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Cartoon Sound F-X / Various - Cartoon Sound F/X.

1) Sam F/X Intro
2) Laughter: Chipmunk Laugh/Female Hilarious Laughter
3) Laughter: Male Hardy Laughter/Male Low Throaty Laughter
4) Laughter: Male Hilarious Laughter/Female Laugh W/Snorting
5) Laughter: Female Belly Laugh
6) Crying: Male: Crying
7) Crying: Female: Sobbing
8) Sneezes: Male: Large Sneeze/Child: Funny Sneeze
9) Sneezes: Male Building to Funny Sneeze/Female Light Sneeze
10) Coughs: Male: Coughing/Male: Hacking Cough
11) Coughs: Female: Heavy Cough/Female: Light Cough
12) Nose Blow: Male
13) Gargle: Male/Gargle: Female
14) Snoring: Loud: Funny/Loud: Breathing
15) Hiccup: Hiccupping/Hiccupping: High Pitch/Hiccupping: Rapid
16) Kisses: Kiss: Big Smack/Kiss: Big Kiss/Kiss: Big Pucker/Several Smacks
17) Spitting/Hurling Spew: Spit: Warm-Up/Gob/Vomit: Throwup
18) Baby: Crying
19) Baby: Balling
20) Baby: Sneezing/Baby: Sneezing: Baby: Coughing
21) Bonks: Hollow Wood Bonk/Wood Bonk/Hollow Wood Bonk/Dull Bonk
22) Bonks: Rubber Bonk/Metal Clang ; Bounce/Metal Bonk ; Slosh/Bonk ; Wood Rattle/Bonk ; Slosh
23) Bongs: Metal Bong/Soft Bong/Low Metal Bong/Metal Bong/High Metal Bong/Metal Bong
24) Bings: Dit: Small Smack/Bing: High/Bing: Medium/Vocal Hammer/Anvil/Vocal Hammer/Anvil/Vocal Bing
25) Boings: Jew's Harp: Boing Medium/Jew's Harp: Boing Long/Jew's Harp: Sproing/Jew's Harp: Bounces
26) Boings: Low Timpani: Long Gliss Up/Low Timpani: Short Gliss Up
27) Boings: Boing: Space Boing Long
28) Boings: Boing: String Pluck
29) Boings: Boing: Poing/Boing: Wooden Sprong Up/Boing: Wooden Sprong Down/Boing: Flapping Sprong
30) Boings: Boing: Thin Metal Ping ; Warble/Boing: Thin Metal Poing/Boing: Thin Metal Poing ; Warble
31) Warbles: Rubber Bounce/Elec. Ball Bearing Bounce/Warble Sheet
32) Warbles: Electronic Warble/Electronic Warble
33) Thwocks: Arrow Impact/Arrow Impact ; Rattle/Arrow Impact ; Rattle/Impact ; Hit
34) Cymbal Splash ; Crash: Cymbal Crash/Cymbal Splash/Cymbal Choke/Cymbal Ride Bell
35) Cymbal Splash ; Crash: Cymbal: Ominous Accent/Cymbal: Low Hit W/Cymbal Crash
36) Gongs: Gong: Small Hard Hit/Gong: Small Hard Hit/Gong: Small (High) Hard Hit/Gong: Large
37) Squish: Short Hard/Squish: Short Rubbery/Squish: Long Rubbery/Squish: Short Gurgle/Squish
38) Squish: Bork/Squish: Short Squish/Squish: Wet Squish/Squish: Wet Squish
39) Pops: Pop: Small Pop/Pop: Cork Squeak ; Pop/Pop: Short Zip ; Pop/Pop: Double Pop/Pop: Double Pop
40) Pops: Pop: Zip Pop Donk/Pop: Zip Pop/Pop: Quick Zip Pop/Pop: Zing Pop/Pop: Zing Pop Bonks
41) Bubbles: Bubble: Pouring Bubbling/Foaming/Bubble: Heavy Bubbling/Bubble: Pouring from Jug
42) Rattles: Rattle: Thin Wood/Rattle: Electronic Metallic Medium/Rattle Electronic Metallic Medium
43) Rattles: Rattle: Electronic Metallic Long/Rattle: Rapid Bonks
44) Grind: Short Washboard Zip/Grind: Quick Wood Grind/Grind: Hollow Wood Grind/Grind: Ratchet Short
45) Squeak: Rubber Squeak/Squeak: Rubber Squeak/Squeak: Squeaky Screw/Squeak: Air Escaping
46) Bells: Bell: Small Bell
47) Bells: Bell: Cowbell Low Single Hit/Bell: Cowbell Medium Single Hit/Bell High Single Hit
48) Bells: Bell: Large Chime Ring
49) Bells: Bell: Telephone Bell Ring/Bell: Low Alarm Bell Ring/Bell: Funny Telephone Vocal
50) Bells: Bell: Sleigh Bells Jingling Slowly
51) Bells: Bell: Chime Gliss Down/Bell: Chime Gliss Up
52) Horns: Horn: Funny Car Horn/Horn: Low Horn/Horn: Boat Horn/Horn: Fog Horn
53) Horns: Horn: Party Horn Two Toots/Horn: Party Horn Short Funny/Horn: Party Horn Warbly
54) Horns: Horn: Toy Horn Single Toot/Horn: Bicycle Horn Three Quick Toots/Horn: Taxi Horn Double
55) Horns: Horn: Comedy Honk Single Honk/Horn: Comedy Honk Many Honks/Honk: Horn Hee Haws
56) Whistles: Whistle: Slide Whistle Down Long/Whistle: Slide Whistle Up Long
57) Whistles: Whistle: Siren Whistle/Whistle: Siren Whistle Comical/Whistle: Siren Whistle 3 Stooges
58) Whistles: Whistle: Cuckoo Whistle Double/Whistle: Train Whistle Low/Whistle: Referee's Whistle
59) Zips: Zip: Long
60) Zips: Zip: Spacy Zing/Zip Fast Zip/Zip: Zing
61) Zips: Zip: Whiz ; Whirl/Zip: Ptwang/Zip: Ptwang
62) Twangs: Whizz: Pass By Fast (Car)/Twang: Large Spacy Twang
63) Twangs: Twang: Running Feet Twang/Running Feet Twang/Running Feet Twang/Twang: Rapid
64) Zaps: Space Zap: Large Sputtering Zap/Energy Zap/Fast Zap
65) Zaps: Echoey Zap/Energy Vaporizer/Power Zap
66) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Whiz Bonks/Accent: Whiz Pops Horn/Accent: Zip Bonks Pops
67) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Bong Pops Boing/Accent: Banks Razz Twang/Accent: Bonks Zip
68) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Bonks Pops/Accent: Bonks Pops Horn/Accent: Zing Zing
69) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Spit in Bucket/Accent: Spit in Bucket
70) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Clock Ticking/Accent: Clock Ticking
71) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Bucket of Fish Dropping/Accent: Smack ; Zing/Accent: Bong Horn
72) Accents Multiple F/X: Accent: Clang Crash Bong Horn/Accent: Head Shake/Accent: Head Shake
73) Music: Cartoon 1
74) Music: Cartoon 2
75) Music: Cartoon 3
76) Music: Cartoon 4
77) Music: Cartoon 5
78) Music: Cartoon 6
79) Music: Circus 1
80) Music: Fanfare
81) Music: Fanfare
82) Music: Jazz
83) Music: Space
84) Music: Space
85) Drums: 'Take My Wife Please'/Drums: Long Stumble ; Fall
86) Drums: 'Barney's Dance'/Drums: Jungle Dance
87) Drums: Long Snare Roll W/Cymbal
88) Drums: 'Wilma You Sexy Devil'
89) Drums: Weird Little Machine W/Whistle
90) Comedy Accent F/X: Hopping
91) Comedy Accent F/X: Indian Tom Tom
92) Comedy Accent F/X: Kunte Kinte
93) Comedy Accent F/X: Sum Yung Guy
94) Comedy Accent F/X: Mexican Jumping Bean
95) Comedy Accent F/X: Halloween Music
96) Comedy Accent F/X: Clock Repair
97) Comedy Accent F/X: Mountain Music
98) Cartoon Animals: Cartoon Duck Quacking/Cartoon Duck Squawking/Cartoon Duck Drowning
99) Car Crashes: Car Crash: Skid Large Crash/Car Crash: Skid Large Crash/Car Crash: Skid Large

Cartoon Sound F/X
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